Vilhelm Room Service Perfume Review

VIlhelm Room Service perfume review

I was immediately drawn to Vilhelm Room Service because of the name. How luxurious is that? And then I read that it is a fragrance inspired by the legendary Greta Garbo and how her hotel rooms would be filled with bouquets. You can see why this one of the first perfumes I reached for out of my Vilhelm samples.

Well, I’m not going to withold the suspense. Room Service is disappointing. It’s not really the perfume as much as it is a case of terrible pairing, another case of “Wrong Perfume… Continue┬áreading


Pais Hilton “Original” Perfume Review

OK, so I am not really one for celebrity scents. However, I do own a few because an enjoyable perfume is an enjoyable perfume despite who’s name may be on it.

I actually love Paris Hilton, the person. Like not her personally but the fact that she is the rich gal that is basically famous for being rich, skinny and a brat. I’m truly fascinated by her. Oh, and I’m also totally jealous.

Now let’s get to her namesake celeb perfume. This is a fruity-floral with an emphasis on… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments