Divine L’Âme Sœur EDP Perfume Review

Parfums Divine L'Ame Soeur

L’Âme sœur means soulmate in French. Parfums Divine L’Âme Sœur is a perfume that celebrates that “soulmate” bond between rose and jasmine. The overall perfume is an elegant composition as timeless as the “royal couple”, rose and jasmine.

L’Âme Sœur opens with fizzy, fatty, peachy aldehydes with a hint of a fruity, raspberry-like violet. It’s one of those grand dame florals. It’s very Chanel-ish in that at this stage it reminds me somewhat of No. 5 and No. 22. It’s a “classic French floral” with ylang, rose… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Divine by Divine EDP Perfume Review

Divine Perfume by Divine

Divine Divine is a perfume that wears you. This is perfume. It smells like perfume. It wasn’t created to smell like a Mediterranean holiday or exotic trade spice routes. Divine was meant to smell  like perfume. Old-fashioned and glamorous French perfume for fabulous grown-up and glamorous ladies. Unfortunately, this style of perfumery is no longer in vogue and these types of “larger than life” women’s perfume are viewed as dated. Dated or not, I find Divine very beautiful and borderline obnoxious. Obnoxious-fantastic-elegant like excessive 1950’s French… Continue reading | 19 Comments


Divine L’Homme Sage EDP Perfume Review

Divine L'Homme Sage EDP

I immediately loved L’Homme Sage at first sniff. It’s a sophisticated blend with savory spices and woods but there’s enough smoke and leather to add interest and a needed ruggedness. I love it in the way that I love Old Hollywood leading actors – well-dressed and tough.

The opening is an ancient, dusty but modern blend of rich spiced citrus, golden saffron, and something reminding me of smoky, sweet leather (immortelle but without the smoked ham). This seems so ancient but the blend… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Divine L’Infante EDP Perfume Review

Parfums Divine L’Infante is a delicate floral perfume that is quaint and lovely like a country English cottage covered in ivy. The cool florals, crisp greens, and powdery vanilla make L’Infante an easy to wear powdery floral even during summer heat.

I would say that L’Infante is “soft”. I spilled about half the tester vial on myself and I wasn’t overwhelmed. The opening is pretty, powdery peony entwined with wild ivy greenness. There’s a thickness to L’Infante, like densely growing ivy. This ivy accord gives a… Continue reading | 5 Comments