DSH Perfumes Pandora EDP Perfume Review

Actress Louise Brooks

DSH Perfumes Pandora is amazing. And it’s so good, that I’m the evil one, not Pandora. I don’t want to share it with you. I want this to be my perfume. This has been one of my favorite perfumes of the past 5 years. Pandora is so familiar but not. It’s an old-fashioned chypre with a pitch black helmet-like bob and pencil thin brows. This is Lulu in Die Büchse der Pandora. This is a hedonistic chypre that is going to steal a few boyfriends and… Continue reading | 72 Comments


Adieu – DSH Perfumes Fond Farewells

Kupka Painting 1910

DSH Perfumes has been cleaning house. It’s sad to see good perfumes go, but nothing is permanent in this world. We must say <adieu>. Despite the sadness that it may give some of us, change is good. I’m sure that these retired perfumes are making room for some new equally wonderful scents. This is what I tell myself to cope. And to be fair, many of these scents were labeled as “limited edition”. We knew they wouldn’t last forever.

Here’s mini reviews of a few… Continue reading | 17 Comments


DSH Perfumes Oude Arabique EDP Perfume Review

I was plesantly surprised to find a sample of DSH Perfumes Parfum des Beaux Arts Oude Arabique. I didn’t know I had it! Organizing my samples paid off. Oude Arabique is described as “Rare. Mystical. Sacred.” I agree. It’s an ancient smelling Arabic oud blend: rich, exotic, and woodsy.

Oude Arabique opens up as gummy, ambergris, and a bitter elemi. I can best describe this bitterness as the strange tartness associated with incense that often resembles lemon and pine. With this “feel” it goes from murky, gummy… Continue reading | 13 Comments


DSH Perfumes American Beauty EDP Perfume Review

Last week, Ashleigh at Perfume-Smellin’ Things talked about perfumes that have shaped our past. Many of us smell a scent like Cristalle and are transported back in time or reminded of a loved one. Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH American Beauty is a scent that I was taken “back” by. I sniffed it and liked it but then it took me back to one of those “I got in trouble when…” childhood memories. Not a very entertaining one, unless you are my cousin who got in trouble during… Continue reading | 5 Comments


DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies Natural EDP Review

DSH Perfumes Parfums des Beaux Arts 1000 Lilies is a perfume from the Secrets of Egypt Collection, a limited edition collection created for Denver Art Museum’s King Tut exhibit. This perfume is based on Susinon, an ancient Egyptian and Greek perfume. It is said this is the perfume that Cleopatra scented her sails with. I like the thought of that.

1000 Lilies is very floral on me, but this is what I expected with a name like 1000 Lilies! Immediately I am hit with the… Continue reading | 16 Comments