Parfumerie Generale 19 Louanges Profanes Perfume Review

Parfumerie Generale 19

Parfumerie Générale Louanges Profanes is a perfume wreathed in Biblical symbolism. When I wear the perfume, this makes sense. It’s somewhere between a pious grand-tante and Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection.

Louanges Profanes opens with a mothball-like lily and a lacquered jewelry chest. To summarize, it’s an indolic floral with sparkling notes and smooth woods. The floral is a funeral-style Asiatic lily, which I love. Louanges Profanes takes me all over the place. It starts to remind me of cherry-scented lip balm and nag champa incense (how angsty 13… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Parfumerie Generale No. 25 Indochine EDT Perfume Review

Parfumerie Generale Indochine EDP

I have limited exposure to Parfumerie Generale and because of Indochine, I realize that I need more exposure to this line. If half of their fragrances are as good as Indochine, then this is a line worth checking out.

Indochine is a rich, sweet tonka-benzoin-vanilla. You do smell the dried resinous benzoin. But, what makes this better than sniffing a jar of benzoin resins is that Indochine is complimented by cool spices like cardamom. The honey shows up on my skin. Remember, honey likes… Continue reading | 8 Comments