Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar EDP Perfume Review

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar

I think I first started getting interested in niche or  should I say, “cult classic” perfumes around the year 2000. It started with Demeter and then I started to hear things about California brands like Child perfume, Kai and Sarah Horowitz Perfumes. Almost 15 years later, now look at me.

I do think of Perfect Nectar as one of those perfumes that now define indie Californian perfumes of a certain era. It’s a fruity, ozonic fragrance that is all surf and sand –… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Rachel Perry Peach & Papaya Gentle Facial Scrub Review

I love Rachel Perry products because the whole gimmick is about fragrance: Color N’ Scents (Synergy). Like there’s just so much fantasy in these and woo…I love it.

This product is so space cadety that it guarantees a giggle. You see the color selection of the packaging is meant to synergize with the fragrance of the product. This is supposed “harmonize together and communicate a revitalizing and purifying balancing message to the mind, body and all of the senses.” Um, OK. It also contains Nutraceuticals, even though my box claimed… Continue reading