Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume Review

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

It is so weird to me that Bvlgari keeps launching Omnia flankers while basically omitting the original Omnia from their lineup. For those that don’t know, the original Omnia is one of my favorite designer perfumes. It’s still available if you venture into the realm of online retailers or big box stores. But, it kills me that this soft, spicy woodsy tea scent isn’t readily available BUT all of its flankers are. I feel like there needs to be a new… Continue reading


EauMG’s June 2016 Favorites


June was an absolutely crazy month. Looking back at my Smell Diary and Favorites, this seems to be a common theme with summers for me. June is one of those months where everything seems to happen.

The month started with me so sick with food poisoning (salmonella) that I was knocked out for a week severely dehydrated and malnourished. This resulted in a hospital visit which did help me recover. Unfortunately with my health stuff, I’m told I… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Opus Oils Voodoo Natural Perfume Review

Opus Oils Voodoo perfume

A film inspired by a fragrance…

I feel like I could write a terrible (terribly wonderful) 1970’s b-film or Blaxploitation script based on Opus Oils Voodoo. It inspires me like that. So, how do I get my script into the hands of Quentin Tarantino?

The leading actress – Pam Grier

And Tiger Powers, the model on the perfume model, should be in this too. I’ll give him the required Blaxploitation role of FBI agent that kills Pam Grier’s lover by accident (he’s recovering from being on “that stuff”) and she’s seeks… Continue reading | 4 Comments