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A 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Sweet Niece

Last month my husband’s sister gave birth to a girl (she already has 2 boys). This means that I finally have a niece. But, it will be a few years before I can have fun buying the adorable niece gifts that I’ve always wanted to buy. Last year, I put together a Holiday Niece Gift Guide¬†for girls 10 and up. Without shame, I found myself wanting 90% of the items on my guide. And I’m finding that this year will be no different ūüėČ

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EauMG’s Overview of Pacifica Perfumes

Today I’m talking about Pacifica perfumes. This line is located here in the Pacific Northwest and was founded by Brooke Harvey Taylor and her husband, Bill. The company website says that the line contains skin-safe ingredients and that the line is cruelty-free. There’s a huge¬†focus¬†on¬†sustainability¬†and “botanicals”. I think the line is over 15 years old, but I’m not certain. I emailed their PR years ago and never¬†received¬†any information. You can read the “Our Brand” on their website and get more info. And really, that’s enough info for me. It answers most of my questions.

I… Continue¬†reading | 11 Comments

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The Lipstick League – Week of 5.2.2011

Shalimar Light ad

The Lipstick League – week of 5.2.11

Happy Mother’s Day!

Question: What’s your favorite fragrance? If you don’t have a favorite, what are you currently loving?

Answer: Haha, me with a favorite? I have many favorites and these change with the seasons. I posted this week my current lemmings. Some of my all time favorite fragrances of my lifetime include: Original Prada, Mugler Angel, Tom Ford White Patchouli, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Guerlain Insolence, Guerlain Shalimar, Bvlgari Black

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Pacifica French Lilac Soap Review

Review of Pacifica French Lilac Bar Soap

Weekly Cheap Secret:

Winter has just started, ¬†it’s January 1st, and I’m yearning for spring! I know I’ve got a few long, gray, and cold months ahead, but I can get a bit of spring in my life with Pacifica French Lilac.

What I have learned about Pacifica is that all of their scents smell different in the different products. You like Avalon Juniper solid? Well, it will smell different in the spray, drastically different in the body… Continue¬†reading | 15 Comments

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What To Get Your Niece : A 2010 Winter Gift Guide

Oh, geez, can you believe it is already November? You know what that means. Christmas music will be pounding your eardrums. A little trip to the store to pick up paper towels will take too long for no good reason. You’ll be suffer¬†respiratory¬†distress¬†because¬†Trader Joe’s set out those cinnamon broom things. Oh, the holidays are near… Here’s my gift guide for girls and teens. ¬†I always see fun beauty and fragrance products and wish I knew a young girl to give these items to as gifts. I still… Continue¬†reading | 13 Comments