Sweet Anthem Enchanted Fragrances EDP Perfume Reviews

Sweet Anthem has launched the Enchanted Collection, a collection of indie perfumes inspired by fairy tales. The collection is divided into Villains and Heroines. Isn’t that nifty?

Sweet Anthem Villains

Villains, Part 1

Black Queen

Notes listed include apple, linden blossom, oakmoss and tonka bean.

Black Queen is like an apple gummy bear. Black Queen is sweet with a fruity tartness. It eventually becomes a creamy key lime pie with a side of moss on my skin.

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Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Bejar Elvish Musk

When I read the name Ramón Béjar “Elvish Musk”, my mind always changes it to “Elvis H. Musk”. Both names are absurd so it doesn’t really matter. Plus, I’m from Tennessee, we’re programmed to think about Elvis more than other people. Anyway, this perfume isn’t absurd. Ramón Béjar is a brand that knows how to do simple without being boring. Elvish Musk is a sparkling osmanthus over a skin-hugging, “Love Me Tender” musk.

Elvish Musk opens as a peachy osmanthus with sparkling citrus. It wears as a… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Carven Le Parfum EDP Perfume Review

Carven Le Parfum Carven

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I had heard a few good things about Carven Le Parfum, but with so many new launches and me catching up on old launches, this one slipped through. I didn’t know anything about it other than the bottle is attractive (well, it’s photogenic at least). I stumbled across a sample, sprayed it and said, “This has to be a Kurkdjian”. And it is.

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Ayala Moriel Tea Rose Natural Perfume Review

yellow rose wallpaper

Ayala Moriel Tea Rose is a limited edition rose soliflore inspired by Asian varieties of roses. My warning is that you better absolutely adore rose if you are going to try this one. My next warning, I love roses.

Tea Rose opens as a grassy rose with lemony-citronella facets. In the heart, Tea Rose becomes a fruitier rose with a a peach rooibos and green leaves. It dries down to a velvety vanilla rose with musk.

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Artemisia Saveur de L’Abricot Natural EDP Perfume Review

Artemesia Saveur de l'Abricot

Artemesia Perfumes Saveur de L’Abricot is a reminder of summer. When I wear it, I’m reminded of rays of sunshine warm against the cotton t-shirt on my back. There’s warmth and the trees are veiled in green leaves. Everything tastes better because it’s actually in season. Unlike other fruity peach/apricot fragrances, Saveur de L’Abricot reminds me of an apricot tree filled with perfectly ripe fruit. There is a hint to leaves and bark as well as the fuzzy fruit.

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