Oscar de la Renta Rose Perfume Review

Another week of Roses! Rose Cheapies – 2019

Winter has left me feeling exceptionally “blah” this year so I’m basically trying to do anything that I think will remind that my feelings and this cold season are temporary. As a distraction, I did something I tell all of ya’ll not to do. I blind-bought perfumes. But, let me explain! I bought rose-centric perfumes from a discount site, all of them selling for under $25. That seems like less of a gamble, right? This week I will see if the blind-sniffing odds were stacked against me


EauMG’s January 2016 Favorites

Jersey City Heights
Pretty winter day in Jersey City.

January was an eventful month. I entertained. I was entertained. I lived through a blizzard. I got a lot of stuff done.

I had a Turkish friend staying with us. This forced me to do things which made me fall back in love with living on the East Coast. We ate and drank. We went to see Kinky Boots with America’s sweetheart Wayne Brady. He’s a great singer and dancer (which I… Continue reading | 19 Comments


Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar EDP Perfume Review

Esprit d'Oscar EDP

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Created over 30 years after the original Oscar, Esprit d’Oscar is much better than the original. Original Oscar was undeniably popular. Fine and functional fragrances wanted to be like Oscar. Unfortunately this popularity destroyed Oscar. It is now viewed as “dated” instead of a classic. Esprit d’Oscar, launched in 2011, smells more “classic” than the original!

Esprit d’Oscar opens with an optimistic citrus blend of lemon and something that reminds me of freshly rubbed lemon balm. The citrus mingle over… Continue reading | 10 Comments