Vilhelm Room Service Perfume Review

VIlhelm Room Service perfume review

I was immediately drawn to Vilhelm Room Service because of the name. How luxurious is that? And then I read that it is a fragrance inspired by the legendary Greta Garbo and how her hotel rooms would be filled with bouquets. You can see why this one of the first perfumes I reached for out of my Vilhelm samples.

Well, I’m not going to withold the suspense. Room Service is disappointing. It’s not really the perfume as much as it is a case of terrible pairing, another case of “Wrong Perfume… Continue reading


Exotic Island Perfumer Orquidea Absoluta EDP Perfume Review

Exotic Island Perfumer Orquidea Absoluta

Living in a place where some days the air is too difficult to breathe and in the summer the streets smell like rotting garbage, it’s hard not to view an island in the Caribbean covered in  rain forests and sandy beaches as anything but paradise. Because if we measure paradise by fruits and fauna, Puerto Rico could be paradise¹. The Exotic Island Perfumer is an indie perfume brand based in Puerto Rico. This delights me because I want more perfumes in my life with a Puerto… Continue reading | 9 Comments

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Voluspa Makara & Moso Bamboo Candles – Mini Reviews

Voluspa is a line of home fragrance that I find to be very solid. And their prices are great. Here are my mini reviews of Mokara and Moso Bamboo:

Voluspa Mokara

Mokara – Notes listed include Mokara orchid, white lily, and spring moss.

Cool lily fragrance with some headiness. Gorgeous. It reminds me of having fresh lilies in the home. However, this candle is even better than having fresh lilies in the home. It isn’t suffocating and it doesn’t die or get pollen all over the place… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Providence Perfume Co. Ginger Lily EDP Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Ginger Lily

Naturals Week – April 22-29

Providence Perfume Co. Ginger Lily is a spicy floral amber that will warm you up.

At first spritz, I get a spicy orange with a little bit of dill. Yes, dill. After 3 minutes, I get a heady, creamy tropical florals with ginger and a juicy bitter orange oil. By 10 minutes, all of this has meshed together creating a lovely spicy floral. The ylang-ylang in this perfume is amazing. It has a natural fruitiness. With the base, the dry… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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NEW: Beyonce Heat Rush EDT Perfume

Beyonce Heat Rush EDT Perfume

This month Beyoncé launches her second fragrance, Heat Rush, inspired by the warmth and sunsets of Brazil. Heat Rush is a tropical fruity floral (surprise!) and it contains Beyoncé’s favorite flower, the yellow tiger orchid.

Notes listed include passion fruit sorbet, blood orange, Brazilian cherry, yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom, orange hibiscus, teak wood, honey amber, and Rio sunset musk (seriously).

I find this an interesting launch following Rihanna’s first fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, a tropical fruity floral inspired by Barbados. But… Continue reading | 4 Comments