Olympic Orchids California Chocolate EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids California Chocolate

With so many desserts based oround the orange/chocolate theme, one would expect to see more gourmand perfumes centered around this duo. It seems like a “natural” pairing. Olympic Orchids California Chocolate is an orange and chocolate perfume, but it’s not like some chocolate bar flavored with orange. California Chocolate is like being outside on a sunny, mild day hiding under the shade of a blossoming orange tree, sharing a bar of chocolate with someone that you really like.

California Chocolate smells like citrus chocolate. It opens with a… Continue reading | 6 Comments


4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside EDP Perfume Review

4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside

I was given a sample of this by a perfume pal, I knew nothing of the perfume and very little about the brand. I hadn’t read a note list or a story of inspiration. I sniffed it and thought, “Oh, he’s too old for you!” I immediately had an image of a 20 year old dating someone at least 3 decades older than them. It was a mix of “young” fragrances and the sort of fragrance that a guy wanting to pick up… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Lili Bermuda South Water & Fresh Water EDT Perfume Reviews

Lili Bermuda South Water

Lili Bermuda is one of those overlooked brands in the perfume world and I don’t know why. The house offers some great scents and they’re rather affordable.

The two unisex fragrances that I’m reviewing are great “summer scents”. You can add something to your wardrobe that is fresh and summery without spending a lot of money.

South Water – Includes notes of coconut milk, guava and sea salt. Launched 2009. PERFUMER – David Bothello

South Water is like a poor man’s CREED Virgin


House of Cherry Bomb Cardamom Rose EDP Perfume Review

House of Cherry Bomb

I’ve been a long time fan of the aroma M perfume line.House of Cherry Bomb is a perfume house founded by two New York City-based perfumers, Maria McElroy of aroma M and Alexis Karl of Scent by Alexis. In February, I was able to visit the atelier in Dumbo (that’ll be a different post). At the time I was slightly overwhelmed (and infatuated) and only sniffed House of Cherry Bomb Cardamom Rose briefly because I knew with a name like “Cardamom… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange EDT Fragrance Review

Cartier Essence d'Orange

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Sometimes you just really like a fragrance. You can’t really explain why, but you just like it. Cartier Essence d’Orange is one of those fragrance for me.

Essence d’Orange opens with a refreshing bergamot and orange with supple musks. Essence d’Orange is not a sharp or bright citrus. It’s a “soft citrus” that reminds me of orange infused cotton. The overall feel of Essence d’Orange is cosmetic reminding me of orange dusting powder. And there’s a bit of… Continue reading | 12 Comments