Opus Oils Spank Natural Perfume Review

Hedy Lamarr

Opus Oils is an indie perfume brand located in Hollywood. If you dig through my archives, you’ll see that I have reviewed quite a few things from the brand. Spank is a perfume in the Fetish Collection. The brand works in mixed media compositions but does offer all-natural compositions as well. Spank is one of the all-natural perfumes.

Spank is animalic. Should that be any surprise with a name like “spank”?! Spank is a natural leather perfume. I admit at first, it’s odd. It’s camphoric/green but sweet… Continue reading


Opus Oils Jitterbug Perfume Review

Opus Oils Jitterbug

Opus Oils Jitterbug (please say it like Wham!) is a sassy floral with a rich sandalwood base.

Jitterbug is an indolic jasmine. It’s a sweet and heady white floral with jasmine and tart neroli. There’s a faint freshly opened pack of unsmoked ciggies and a honeysuckle breeze. The dry-down of Jitterbug is a rich, full-bodied sandalwood with traces of salty skin.

So how does Jitterbug differ from Etat Libre d’Orange Jasmin et Cigarette? Well, Jitterbug has more than just jasmine. The orange blossom/neroli… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Opus Oils Charm Perfume Review

Opus Oils Charm

Opus Oils Charm reminds me of a headshop and I never mean that in a bad way. Charm has a boho black coconut incense that is spicy, smoky and sweet. Sniffing it takes me back to college, hanging out with anthropology students with Guatemalan tapestries on their wall, girls that didn’t shave their pits, and those people that were always about to go “abroad” all of the time. I was jealous of all three groups. My college days were spent going to school full-time, working full-time and wondering how… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Opus Oils Birthday Bash & A Fragrance Freebie!

Collaboration is essential to the world of perfume. Without muses, we wouldn’t have half of the classics we still wear today. One of the many things that appeals to me about the indie lines is collaboration. I’ve seen perfumers make scents for indie stores and galleries. I’ve even seen indie perfumers make perfumes inspired by blogging projects. I have to say from my experience that the most diverse and prolific collaborator is Kedra Hart of Opus Oils.

Opus Oils is a nifty perfume line located in Hollywood. The boutique is open by appointment. This time last year, I was… Continue reading | 38 Comments


Opus Oils M’Eau Joe No.3 EDP Perfume Review

Opus Oils M'Eau Joe

As a broad from Nashville, Tennessee, I’ve spent too many nights at smoky rockabilly venues that only served the Tennessee favorite, Jack Daniels. I haven’t stepped foot in such a thing in what feels like a million years.

Upon smelling Opus Oils M’Eau Joe No. 3 I was reminded of a few really great shows. Typically the acoustics were too loud and the venues weren’t well ventilated. Tons of smoke and all the bartender could mix up was Jack and Coke so don’t ask for anything… Continue reading | 3 Comments