Olympic Orchids Carolina EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids

I’ve sniffed so many perfumes, so many, and I’m always surprised by this lack of diversity when it comes to “destination inspirations” but I think American indies are changing this. I’ve been to many parts of this country and each place has a distinct aroma. I have so many scent memories associated with different cities and states. Being a Southerner, I’m always surprised by the general lack of “olfactory representation” that the South has in perfume despite all the… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Olympic Orchids Gujarat EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids Gujarat

Olympic Orchids Gujarat is a perfume inspired by India. It’s loaded with spices, tropical florals and woods.

Gujarat opens with a huge blast of lime leaf and anesthetizing spices. And it’s loud. What stands out the most to me is a smoky oud incense with curry leaves and lime leaves. The fragrance has energy and is referenced as “a full-scale Bollywood extravaganza”. It rapidly whirls in a different direction than what I expected. It smells exactly like lime chutney – limes, a mustard seed-like oud, ginger… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Olympic Orchids Café V EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids Cafe V

Being in Seattle, I often take for granted our coffee culture. I thought by now that “coffee culture” would be nationwide, but it’s not. When I travel, finding a good cup of coffee is almost impossible (even in some metropolitan areas). In some areas, even finding coffee is difficult unless you’re willing to drink Dunkin’ Donuts (which I admit, when you have a caffeine headache and haven’t slept, is some damn fine coffee). The amount of coffee in Seattle is excessive but that’s fine with me… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Olympic Orchids Arizona EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids Arizona

Olympic Orchids is a Seattle-based perfume house with a rather extensive selection. The “Scents of Place” are a destination collection and we can all figure where Arizona is supposed to transport us.

Arizona opens with fresh pine needles and spicy anise seeds. Dry sagebrush. Black licorice. Arizona dries down to gummy resins. It’s a dry evergreen forest scent and I’m sure if you have a connection to this ecosystem, that you’ll like the familiarity of this fragrance.

Notes listed include ponderosa pine, juniper, sagebrush, chapparal,

Blog Weekly Roundup

EauMG Weekly Blog Roundup IX

Tura Satana Astro Zombies

RIP Tura Satana 1936-2011

Week of January 30th-February 6th

Not to be a total whiner, but this week sucked for many personal reasons: husband’s truck broke, Frink had surgery, there’s a squirrel in the attic, and I’ve had so many deadlines that left me biting my nails. It was just one of those rotten weeks. I hope the rest of February will be better.

I’m really behind this week reading my favorite beauty and fragrance blogs. But… Continue reading | 8 Comments