O’ Tannenbaum Holiday 2011 Perfume Blogging Event

O' Tannenbaum record cover

O’Tannenbaum Holiday 2011 Perfume Blogging Event

When I was a kid, I thought O’Tannenbaum was “old tanning balm” and I had no idea what this had to do with Christmastime but I did have grandparents that would run away to Florida every winter…My family isn’t German and we never got those nifty marzipan pigs or chocolate filled advent calenders. (I’m still a bit jealous of German-American Christmas traditions.) I still don’t know the words to the O’Tannenbaum song but I know it has to do… Continue reading | 25 Comments


OLO Portland Violet/Leather Perfume Review

Olo Portland Violet/Leather Perfume Oil Review

A couple weeks ago, I visited Knows Perfume in West Seattle. It was awesome, but I’ll save my post for them another day… I was familiar with all of the luxury and niche lines carried there…so I thought. On a shelf, glimmering back at me, I saw plain and simple bottles of oil labeled “ORO Portland”. Hmmm…never heard of this one before. Actually, I thought that Portland General Store changed their label to something more Deco. Nope. After asking… Continue reading | 19 Comments