Olivine She Belongs There Perfume Oil Review

Olivine She Belongs There

Last week, I reviewed a natural perfume with a realistic gardenia note. This perfume ignited an olfactory craving for gardenia. I went through my collection and samples looking for gardenia-centric perfumes. I came across some Olivine Atelier perfume oils that are white floral focused. Right now, She Belongs There is satisfying my gardenia cravings.

She Belongs There is a white floral. It opens with a humid gardenia that has the faintest hint of “mushroom”. As it wears, the jasmine takes over. It’s a clean, fresh… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Olivine Full Regalia Perfume Oil Review

Olivine Full Regalia

Olivine Full Regalia is a fragrance inspired by the perfumer’s grandfather’s race horse, Full Regalia. However, this isn’t a perfume that will bring to mind horses or race tracks. You won’t find animalic or hay-like notes in this one. Instead the inspiration for this one is more of a “winning combination” of notes.

Full Regalia is a sweet, powdery perfume. It opens as a sweet vanilla with blackberry jam over a floral/jasmine Egyptian musk. As it wears on my skin, it becomes more powdery, like a… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Olivine Amongst the Waves Perfume Oil Review

Olivine Amongst the Waves

The perfume market is filled with “beach” perfumes because people love beaches! The world is filled with diverse coastlines but the perfume market likes to focus on “tropical beaches” using notes of manoï or coconut. And why not? Tropical beaches are paradise! I like “beach” scents but I admit that I get bored with them. I only need one in my collection…or at least that was what I thought until I tried Olivine Amongst the Waves.

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of Estee