Aftelier Honey Blossom Natural Perfume Review

Aftelier Honey Blossom

Aftelier Honey Blossom doesn’t remind me of one honeyed floral (i.e. honeysuckle) but it reminds me of a fantasy honeyed floral, something even more beautiful than what we could find in nature.

Honey Blossom is a gorgeous honeyed mimosa and lime. It opens with hay and sharp linden. The mimosa is sweet, honeyed, powdery. With time it becomes a softer honeyed floral that reminds me of fields of clover. You can feel the warmth of sunrays while wearing this. The base is a powdery, vanilla-like benzoin… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette EDP Perfume Review

Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette EDP

Purple Flowers Week – 2012

Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette is a powdery floral fragrance that is delicate and subtle. It’s a very much a fragrance inspired by vintage face powders.

Blanc Violet opens as  citrus with vodka. The type of vodka that has pencil lead nuances – iris. The violet appears and it’s a powdery, cosmetic violet. This violet isn’t candied or sweet. The scent is very muted and if it was a color, it’d be that… Continue reading | 4 Comments