Blackbird Ophir Perfume Review

Blackbird Ophir review

OK, OK, so the inspiration of Blackbird Ophir is a fictional trade planet and some pulp paperback storylines. I’m fine with all of that. I’m not here to debate what I think a fictional trade planet should smell like, but I’ll say this. This fictional trade planet smells a lot like what is in this Seattle-based brand’s backyard.

If it were up to me to classify Ophir, I’d have to say it’s a woods fragrance. It smells like a forest floor in the Pacific Northwest. There’s damp… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Le Jardin Retrouve Rose Trocadero EDP Perfume Review

Le Jardin Retrouve Rose Trocadero

ROSE WEEK 2017 – A Tea Rose Soliflore

It’s Rose Week on EauMG! This is the annual celebration of rose-centric perfumes! This week I’m reviewing 6 fragrances that display a different aspect of rose perfumes.

Le Jardin Retrouvé is a French heritage brand of perfumes that was revived in 2016 by the original founder’s son and daughter-in-law. Before last year’s relaunch, Rose Trocadéro is the rose soliflore in the line that was previously known as Rose Thé. I mention this because my sampling notes… Continue reading | 2 Comments


PK Perfumes Gold Leather EDP Perfume Review

PK Perfumes Gold Leather

PK Perfumes Gold Leather is an indie perfume that the perfumer meant to be “a beautifully glowing warm Leather”. Wearing Gold Leather, I’m reminded of Rio Carnival. It’s a colorful, dynamic leather fragrance.

To my surprise, Gold Leather opens as fruity and juicy yet the leather is immediately noticeable. Oddly enough, the leather reminds me of like a box of new sneakers since there is rubberiness to the scent (that I think is coming from the white florals). It’s succulent tropical fruits (like guava and… Continue reading | 7 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 10/27/14

Olive Borden

The Lipstick League – week of 10.27.14

Question of the Week: What is your favorite season when it comes to new beauty collections?

EauMG’s Answer: I love autumn and holiday collections. I like autumn because the colors are usually darker and I like holiday because of the packaging. I typically always hate spring because pastels look stupid on me. And summer collections are usually bad for me as well. They’re always like turquoise eyeshadow and tons of bronzer. 

EauMG – This cool and rainy… Continue reading


Histoires de Parfums Tubéreuse 1 Capricieuse EDP Perfume Review

Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 1 EDP

I think tuberose is a lovely note but I have difficulty wearing tuberose heavy perfumes. However, tuberose fragrances are growing on me and I have been sampling more and more of them this year. Histoires de Parfums Tubéreuse 01 Capricieuse was a hit on my skin. Do you want to know why? It’s not really a tuberose perfume.

To my surprise, Tubéreuse opens with this wonderful suede mixed with a soft coconut-ish tuberose. But, there is a juiciness from sparkling citrus that… Continue reading