Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire Perfume Review

Olfactive Studio Chambre Noir

Olfactive Studio perfumes are inspired by photography. Chambre Noire is inspired by a black and white photo of a hotel overlooking Cairo and the Nile. The photo is sort of sterile in that it reminds me of being on a business trip instead of being on vacation. This room appears aloof, non-personal yet the perfume feels warm and personal.

Chambre Noire opens with a damp violet with some heat from pepper. It turns into a ripe plum and smoky leather. At this stage it reminds me of Serge


Olfactive Studio Autoportrait EDP Perfume Review

Olfactive Studio Autoportrait

Olfactive Studio is a line of perfumes inspired by photography, a collaboration across different mediums. The photograph shown below by Luc Lapôtre represents the solace found in nature and inner reflection. Olfactive Studio describes Autoportrait as a fragrance that you wear for yourself, a meditative fragrance.

Autoportrait is a “muted” fragrance that wears closely to the skin, as one would expect from a fragrance marketed as personal. Autoportrait opens as this soft citrus and pencil shavings. Top this off with a “gummy”, soft incense resin. But the… Continue reading


Olfactive Studio Still Life EDP Perfume Review

Olfactive Studio Still Life

Olfactive Studio is a line of perfumes inspired by photography. Still Life is inspired by a disco ball photograph by Frédéric Lebain. With the name, one would expect a rather mellow fragrance. However, Still Life is an energetic cocktail with citrus and spice.

Still Life opens with a spicy, bitter and bright citrus. The fragrance hits your nose with its energy. It reminds of limoncello…with an addition fruity pink pepper and spicy black pepper…which doesn’t sound like a bad cocktail, does it?  The feel of this fragrance is a… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Olfactive Studio Lumiere Blanche EDP Perfume Review

Olfactive Studio Lumiere Blanche

Olfactive Studio is a line of perfumes inspired by photographs. You can find Lumiere Blanche’s inspiration below by photographer Massimo Vitali.

The liquid of Lumière Blanche is albugineous – diluted and milky. Lumiere Blanche opens as cardamom horchata. It’s spicy and dry with anise, cardamom, cinnamon and creamy with something that reminds me of sweetened almond milk. With time I get a cool, earthy iris and warm marzipan woods. The base is  “creamy woods”: a mix of “dry woods”, cedar, and creamy tonka. Lumière Blanche… Continue reading | 10 Comments