Vanity Planet Clay Mask Reviews

Vanity Planet Clay Masks

What a weird fall! It’s been so hot and humid. It has really caused my skin to go crazy. And crazy in a way that I’m absolutely not used to. Like I’m oily?! And I’m getting these weird little whiteheads. Like, my skin just feels dirty and grimy.

Usually my skin needs moisture. This means I stick to gel masks/packs or sheet masks. I typically find clay masks to be too drying for my skin. With this odd transitional weather, my skin may need clay… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Oils of Heaven Ooh! Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil Review

Ooh Cacay Oil

When Oils of Heaven (Ooh!) reached out to me asking if I wanted to try a natural oil that I’ve never heard of, I was like “Heck, yes! Give me the oil that I’ve just now heard about but must have in my life ASAP”!

This cacay oil comes from Cacay nuts harvested in the jungles of Colombia¹. Apparently, it’s full of Vitamin E, linolic acid and Vitamin A. This all sounds wonderful if you don’t have a nut allergy. I do not have a nut allergy… Continue reading | 4 Comments


California Naturel Skincare Reviews

California Naturel Skincare

California Naturel is a line of natural skincare products that are naturally scented with essential oils. The brand likes to talk about what they don’t have: they’re free of parabens and sulfates.

Quick reminder of my skin type: I’m super dry. My biggest concerns are with discolorations and preventing future damage. However, this summer has been warm and I have no air conditioning, so my skin has been much more “greasy” and gross feeling than usual.

I’ve tried three items from the California Naturel’s product… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

This is an epic product. My entire life I’ve heard that it worked wonders. As a young teen, I saw it advertised in the back of zillions of fashion mags. Even as a young teen, I had my doubts. Nothing could “shrink” zits. Right? Well, as an adult I’m finally using this product after hearing tons of beauty bloggers and beauty editors rave about this “magic” pink brew.

Mario Badescu looks and smells like a witches brew. It is a “gross”… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Chidoriya Japanese Oil-Blotting Face Paper Review

My husband made a very special Beautyhabit order for me. To get free shipping he added these blotting sheets to the cart because “the packaging is cute”. I agree. I use blotting sheets daily ( less now that I’m using a Smashbox primer, but more of that later). I haven’t used Chidoriya blotting sheets before. I usually use Papier Poudré, Boscia, or budget sheets from Daiso.

Chidoriya is Japanese cosmetic company founded in 1949 in Kyoto to supply Maiko dancing girls and Geishas. Chidoriya Oil-Blotting Face Papers… Continue reading