Odin 04 Petrana Perfume Review

Odin 04 Petrana


It’s an annual tradition on EauMG to feature “purple flowers” on the week of Nowruz/Vernal Equinox. “Purple flowers” are what I call flowers that (usually) have purple blossoms and bloom in spring: lilacs, violets, iris, heliotrope, hyacinth and wisteria (when I’m feeling generous). These are the sort of florals that make me think of spring. Plus, it gives me an excuse to talk about some of my favorite floral notes.

Odin 04 Petrana is one of those “purple florals” that really makes me… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Odin 06 Amanu EDT Fragrance Review

Odin 06 Amanu


Odin 06 Amanu is a perfume inspired by Mediterranean Turkish landscapes. For me, this is one of those perfumes where the inspiration doesn’t match up at all to how I perceive it. Does this “ruin” Amanu for me? Not at all. If anything it reiterates that fragrance is enjoyable because all of our experiences and unique perceptions.

Amanu opens like green citrus, almost like orange segments on ice. Amanu becomes a sharp cedar and a cool, green, gummy galbanum. The heart adds of Southeastern-style florals… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Odin 02 Owari EDT Fragrance Review

Odin Owari

Odin Owari 02 is a rather intelligible citrus fragrance inspired by Japanese mandarins. I always joke that straight guys* can’t resist this line. This in part has to do with the fact that my husband shops Odin and wears their clothes. They stores aesthetic is rather basic casual masculines (plaid button-ups, button fly jeans) that are exceptionally well-made, many made from luxury materials like Japanese indigo or cashmere. David is also drawn to their fragrances. And this makes sense. The fragrances are rather basic, casual… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Weekly World Fumes for October 4th, 11th, and 18th 2012

No video re-cap of Weekly World Fumes for these 3 weeks, see EauMG Etc. for more info.

Madonna Truth or Dare Naked

Celeb Gossip:

Christina Aguilera is launching a new perfume in November, Red Sin. Seems like one of those names that looks better in writing vs. said out loud…Notes listed include red apple, cinnamon, cyclamen, ginger, musk and sandalwood. This really sounds like something I’d dislike.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have launched their 2nd unisex perfume, Unbreakable Joy. That name… Continue reading | 14 Comments

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Odin 03 Century EDT Fragrance Review

Odin 03 Century is inspired by ancient Cypress but of course, has the modern feel of an Odin fragrance. Odin describes Century as a “modern interpretation of the chypre family”. I’d call it an “amber chypre” or a “modern amber”.

Odin 03 Century EDP

Century opens as an astringent, leathery birch with a cool mint. From my description, you’d think that Century smells harsh but it isn’t. Under this there is a roundness and smootheness. There is a smokiness with powdered, smoldering amber incense. The “heart”… Continue reading | 4 Comments