LUSH Ladyboy EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Ladyboy perfume

Most LUSH fragrances do not work for me; however, I admire the line because they take a risk. I can’t think of any other brand as big as them that takes risks. And I can’t think of any brand their size that attempts to tell olfactory stories.

From my experience, the “ladyboys” that I’ve known love to wear Mugler Angel. And in my opinion, Angel is the lady-boy fragrance because it smells masculine but for some reason it isn’t. I mean, we all know that… Continue reading | 14 Comments


Esscentual Alchemy Ophelia Perfume Oil Review

Esscentual Alchemy by Absinthe Dragonfly describes Ophelia perfume as such:
This is a forest and field scent. A scent in which all aspects of a spring born day are represented ~ icy water melting from snow in rivulets that wash over moss covered rocks just come to life through warmer days, fields of wildflowers awakening and scenting the air with their myriad butterfly enticing aromas. A scent in which the danger of a sudden late spring frost looms darkly.
Inspired by a fair maiden, I… Continue reading | 16 Comments


Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man EDT Men’s Fragrance Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

All I know of Paco Rabanne is that he is the designer that designed all those bizzare-o Barbarella costumes. Well, the guy has many perfumes and colognes as well, the most recent one to have 15 minutes of fame has been Lady Million (ick). Paco Rabanne fragrances aren’t very popular in the U.S. In fact, until recently, I thought they were only sold in the U.K.! Anyways, Ultraviolet Man is a bit sci-fi. Imagine… Continue reading | 9 Comments

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NEW: INeKe Guilded Lily Perfume

Ineke Gilded Lily EDP

INeKe is launching a new fragrance inspired by “yami yuri”, the Goldband Lily of Japan, in late September. This perfume, Guilded Lily, will be the newest addition to the alphabetical fragrances line. (This means that I have to wait for 15 more bottles until I’m at my letter: /v/).  Guilded Lily is described as “the quintessential well-groomed scent, accompanied by a head-turning deliciousness“.

The fragrance is described as a “fruity chypre”with notes of pineapple, rhubarb, grapefruit, bergamot, apple, peach, elemi


L’Aromarine Oakmoss Mousse de Chene Perfume Review


L'Aromarine Mousse de Chene

I have reviewed L’Aromarine Jasmin in a previous post. L’Aromarine fragrances are very potent fragrance oils that have a nice price tag. Oakmoss is not as potent as Jasmin but it is still a very long wearing oil. The picture above is that of the EDT spray. I have the fragrance oil and use it as is and love it.

When I first applied Oakmoss I was surprised by its complexity. All I could think of were the old forest floors found here in… Continue reading