Aftelier Bergamoss Solid Natural Perfume Review

Aftelier Bergamoss perfume

Aftelier Bergamoss is the newest solid perfume in the line. It’s exactly as the name implies. It’s a mix of bright fruits and forest moss, a throwback chypre.

Bergamoss opens with as a shade of coral. It’s like peach nectar and orange pulp. However, this scent is a chypre and it’s all about the moss. It’s peaches, oranges and a warm, dry moss. The spices in this don’t add heat but they add a dry woodiness like bark on a forest floor. Bergamoss dries down to… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Detaille Aeroplane EDT Fragrance Review

Detaille Aeroplane fragrance

Detaille is a brand of French perfumes and cosmetics created in 1905 by a rather outgoing countess. The brand still has a turn of the century feel with its inspiration and packaging. Aéroplane is a perfume that is a souvenir of the excitement of mankind conquering flight.

Aeroplane opens as an old-school basil citrus “eau de cologne”. It’s a sunny lemon juice and neroli. It gets mossier as it dries down. It becomes this “summer” chypre of patchouli, moss and fresh herbs.

The… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Indult Reve en Cuir EDP Perfume Review

Indult Reve en Cuir

Indult Paris Rêve en Cuir, as the name would imply, is a perfume inspired by leather. But, for a leather scent, it’s not so leather-y. It’s like a “dusting powder leather”.

Reve en Cuir opens with dried herbs, dried lemon peel and spices. There’s a prominent clove, too much for my liking as I feel it anesthetizes my senses. I’ve smelled this sort of spicy-oregano mix before but in amber scents. I don’t know if the top fades rather quickly or if my senses are… Continue reading


Cabochard by Grès EDP Perfume Review

Cabochard by Gres

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Grès was a French haute couture fashion house by Germaine Émilie Krebs, later known as Madame Grès. This fashion house is the epitome of decades of Old Hollywood drama – drapery, hoods, capes, dramatic sleeves… Cabochard, the house’s first perfume, was inspired by trips to India – sandalwood and salt air. It may be inspired by India but it’s evocative of French perfumery and fashion of the time. It’s more like a casino in Monaco.

Cabochard is a musty green… Continue reading | 4 Comments


DSH Perfumes The Beat Look EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes The Beat Look

I don’t know if I’ve already said this or not, but if you have not tried DSH Perfumes YSL Retrospective Collection for the Denver Art Museum, you should. Especially if you are a fan of vintage and/or classic perfumes.

The Beat Look is inspired by Dior from 1958-1964. It’s inspired by France’s infatuation with young, American culture and YSL’s first perfume launch, Y. Yeah, beatniks. Yeah, the alt-cult of a lost generation. 

When sniffing, The Beat Look, you know you’re sniffing something inspired by the early 1960’s… Continue reading | 6 Comments