Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit at Blackbird – February with Phoenicia Perfumes

In February, Seattle-based perfume line, Phoenicia, by David Falsberg launched at Blackbird Ballard during the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit. Here’s my overview of the event:

Phoenicia Perfumes

A little about the line: I can not tell you about the line without talking about David. And I’ll try to keep it short because it’s one hell of an inspiring story. After suffering from terrible complications with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome*, a syndrome that affects the mucus membranes and literally causes the skin to slough off, David temporarily lost his sight. I wish I… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Northwest Indie Perfumer Circuit at Blackbird – January with Rebel + Mercury

Rebel & Mercury

In January, Seattle-based natural fragrance line, Rebel + Mercury by Nikki Sherrit-Lewis showcased at Blackbird during the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit. Here’s my overview of the event!

A little bit about the line: Rebel + Mercury is a Seattle-based fragrance line by Nikki Sherrit-Lewis. The line includes all-natural personal fine fragrances and soy candles for the home.

Mixed media or natural? – 100% natural

My impressions of the line: The line is all-natural and is one of the few lines that I… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit at Blackbird – December with House of Matriarch

In December I attended the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit held at Blackbird. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my post here. In December, House of Matriarch by Christi Meshell showcased.

House of Matriarch

A little about the line: House of Matriarch is a line of ultra-natural luxurious perfumes by perfumer Christi Meshell of the Seattle area. The line uses both modern and vintage essences from plants and animals from earth to sea resulting in distinctive high-quality, intoxicating perfumes. The perfume are alcohol based using organic… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Announcing Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit at Blackbird

In 2012, I fell out of love and back in love with the Pacific Northwest. What is keeping me around? Mountains, good food, creative people…and oh, my husband’s job. Seriously, the PNW is filled with creative people. I have my theories. I believe that creativity takes risk. #1 – It’s pioneer land with an adventurer spirit. Read spirit as ADHD which I think has been inherited and we have this group of risk takers. We have this population of risk takers. #2 – You can take a risk when you feel more financially secure. We have a great economy… Continue reading | 5 Comments