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Weekly World Fumes – September 27th,2012

Lady Gaga Fame perfume

Celeb Gossip:

Remember that censorship deal with Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! perfume? Dakota Fanning goes on record saying that it was ridiculous. And that she was not corrupting youth.

Lady Gaga’s perfume, Fame, sold 6 million bottles in one week.

Etro Greene Street

New Launches:

Smell Bent has launched a new collection of perfumes inspired by the disco called Sunset People. This collection contains… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Weekly World Fumes – September 6th,13th, and 20th, 2012

It has been a couple of slow weeks for perfume news, so I’ve combined 3 weeks.

Nikki Minaj Pink Friday perfume

Celeb Gossip:

Finally the notes of the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume are available. It will include notes of star fruit, mandarin, boysenberry, lotus flower, jasmine, vanilla, carmelized pear, musks and woods.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be launching an Elizabeth & James perfume with Sephora in the spring of 2012.

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Weekly World Fumes – August 23, 2012

Here’s the August 23, 2012 edition of Weekly World Fumes. Enjoy!

Nicki Minaj perfume bottle

Celeb Gossip:

Nikki Minaj shares with the world the perfume bottle for her new fragrance, Pink Friday. And I almost love this Schiaparelli-ish bottle. I would love it, if the bust was a solid color. I think this would make the bottle look less flea market and more like art.

Taylor Swift will  launch Enchanted Wonderstruck. I’m sure it will be some musky berry sweet woodsy… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Weekly World Fumes – August 16th, 2012

Good afternoon and thank you for watching the August 16th edition of Weekly World Fumes!

Lady Gaga Fame

Celeb Gossip:

Britney Spears “channels” Cleopatra for her new perfume, Fantasy Twist. Why does this offend me?

Lady Gaga’s Fame trailer has been released. Meh.

Marchesa perfume

New Launches:

Opus Oils will launch M’Eau Joe No.3 Hollywood Whiskey. This booze inspired fragrance contains notes of whiskey, saffron, rice paddy