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More 1960’s Fashion: Get The Makeup Look of Tuesday Weld

This is a very sexy look that reminds me of many makeup collections launched by current makeup companies. Being obsessed with bold lipstick, I often forget how sexy a nude lip can be. This looks is subtle sexy, don’t you think? It’s not too much. It can be an “everyday” look. To get this look:

FACE: With a foundation brush apply a satin finish foundation such as Dior DiorSkin Sculpt Foundation in your shade. Have imperfections? Now apply concealer. I like the the coverage of Make Up For


Bobbi Brown 2010 Cabana Corals Color Collection

I love coral makeup. Corals, peaches, apricots, salmons do so much for my complexion. I know many people stray away from coral, thinking of their Italian-American great aunt with the deep olive skin paired with electric coral lipstick, sandal-toe pantyhose, and open toe “bone” colored pumps. I think great-aunt is a Sophia Loren-ish fox, but I have learned that many people dislike the look. I think coral works on the peaches and cream complexions and the deeper Floridian complexions. I many not wear MAC Morange lipstick everyday but I do wear… Continue reading


MAC Warm & Cozy 2010 Color Collection Review

I know that I’ve slacked on reviewing things. I’ve been so busy, but enough of the excuses. I’ve been really behind on commenting on new color collections. I got lost in the holiday launches. It seems like MAC comes out with a new color collection every Friday. It isn’t that they aren’t special, it’s just that I can’t keep up. Many of the colors are just renamed. The Warm and Cozy Collection doesn’t contain mind-altering colors or taboo shades. However, I am so intrigued by this collection. It’s hot stuff. I’ve… Continue reading

makeup instruction, vintage

More of the 1940’s: Get The Look of June Allyson

June Allyson

This is such a soft and delicate vintage look. I love the freshness of this look. Everything is fairly simple and it is all about a healthy, glossy lip. Anyone can wear a look like this. The neutral colors look great with all kinds of eye and hair colors.

FACE: Apply a simple foundation such as Covergirl Smoothers Liquid Foundation to even out the complexion. If extra coverage in some areas is needed, apply a concealer like Covergirl Fresh Complexion Concealer. Dust… Continue reading


Makeup For The Tudors? Smashbox Reign 2009 Fall Color Collection

I love this collection for the nerd factor alone. It is inspired the English Tudors, “an imperial court mired in salacious scandal and royal indulgence“. Hopefully this collection will make somebody somewhere learn a thing or 2 about history or at least make it cool to be nerdy, which it is. The collection contains the following limited edition items, many in special packaging.

FACE: There is a Fusion Blush. This cheek color has a matte and a shimmery shade packaged together. The shade is Regal which is a… Continue reading | 1 Comment