Neil Morris Fragrances Aegean EDP Perfume Review

Neil Morris Aegean

Neil Morris Aegean is the perfumer’s interpretation of Greece. Now unlike many “destination inspiration” perfumes, this one is what the perfumer thinks the isles smell like. Like Neil, I haven’t yet been to Greece but I hope to someday.

Aegean opens with a fizzy 7-Up and a slice of ginger. It’s effervescent and aromatic. It’s like sprigs of lavender in sparkling tonic water. And then it starts to remind me of candied citrus and ginger ale. It dries down to a musk that I… Continue reading


Neil Morris Fragrances Gotham EDP Perfume Review

Neil Morris Gotham
“This fragrance is based on a memory of a summer night out on the town in New York City in November! It was unusually warm and overcast and a bit foggy and the atmosphere had a sense of mystery and things hidden in the night. All in all, a magical evening”

-Neil Morris, the perfumer


Nail Morris Fragrances Gotham opens as a warm, spicy rose with delicate citrus. The citrus burns off rather quickly and it becomes a calm before the storm sort of… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Neil Morris Fragrances Storm EDP Perfume Review

Neil Morris Storm

Everyone that doesn’t live in Seattle thinks it rains all of the time here. They’re thoughts are only partially correct. We have a wet and a dry season, but it doesn’t rain all of the time. It just depends on when you visit. Yes, I get sick of the rain because it’s the “same” rain. We rarely ever get fun things like thunderstorms. And we rarely get rain in the summer. Neil Morris Storm is a fragrance inspired by summer thunderstorms. I didn’t realize how much I… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Neil Morris Fragrances Rainflower EDP Perfume Review

Neil Morris Rainflower

Smell like all of the spring flowers with Neil Morris Rainflower.

Rainflower opens with a blast of spring florals. I pick up on the hyacinth mingling with lilac. Heady, green and peppery with a hint of wet dirt.  Tons of flowers. I get a heady gardenia. The dry down is a light, abstract floral musk. You’ll get your spring floral fix with this one.

Lizbeth Scott

Notes listed include freesia, night blooming jasmine