Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman Perfume Review

Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman EDP

Barbara Orbison has launched Pretty Woman, an amber perfume with rich florals, spices, and smoky woods. This is a rich, warm fragrance that wears and wears. This lasting power of this fragrance beats my pure parfum of Guerlain Shalimar!

You guys know I love smoky, spicy fragrances. Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman is a smoky, spicy amber. The fragrance is spicy but not from things one would find in their kitchen. It has spice from stargazer lily and carnation, slightly peppery and clove-like but still floral… Continue┬áreading | 15 Comments

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My Thanksgiving Thoughts.

Thankful to be out of the South
Thankful to be out of the South

I try to keep this blog from being too personal. I don’t expect people to enjoy reading about my fortunes or misfortunes. That’s what reality TV is for. Anyways, on this Thanksgiving I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. This has been a huge year for me. I’ve made my first huge move. Drove across this barren country, starting in hot and bothered Nashville and making it to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve had to… Continue┬áreading

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Flannel and Grunge: The Move

Well, I’m doing the craziest thing ever, well since my wedding. We’ve decided to leave Tennessee and move to Seattle. We’ve been planning this, but we thought that we would wait until we both got jobs, etc. But, we’ve decided that we are wusses and we’re going to grow a couple of pairs and do what we want to really do.

I never do anything unplanned and frankly, I am scared of everything. So this is a big deal. Everything is almost packed up. I have two more weeks left at my current job placement and then we are out of… Continue┬áreading