A 2010 Metallic Pewter Nail Color Guide

2010 Fall Pewter Nail ColorLike many people, I am craving metallic nail colors for fall. However, I’m craving more of a rustic pewter shade. You know a shiny silver dirtied by lead. That’s the color I like. I’ve been inspired by my home decor cravings: traditional, colonial, a little rough around the edges/rustic. Here’s a list or a guide of metallic pewter nail colors in a variety of price points:

Budget Pewter Nail Colors/Under $10: L.A. Girl Metal Nail Polish in Graphite is a darker dirty… Continue reading | 15 Comments


Green With Envy: A 2009 Dark Green Nail Color Guide


I am totally craving dark green nails for the cooler months. (It all started with Butter London’s British Racing Green.) I have been searching for the perfect, mysterious, deep, dark green. I want something the color of a Douglas fir tree. I think an evergreen makes a great winter shade. Here is a list of dark green nail colors that I have stumbled across.

Budget green colors (Under $5): NYX Nail Polish in Las Vegas (not pictured) is a shimmery green with envy deep money green… Continue reading


Day-Glo Toes: Neon Nail Color Guide


I wouldn’t dare wear neon  but I would when it comes to cosmetics. I swoon for richly pigmented orange and pink lipstick or electric green eyeliner or teal eyeshadow. I also love a bright nail polish. No neon running shorts, I’ve already lived through that, can’t do it again. So I’ve put together some of my favorite shades in all price ranges. I haven’t found a chip-free, long-lasting nail color yet. I have learned that price has nothing to do with quality. One of the worst polishes I have… Continue reading

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Zesty! Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme Review

Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme is a rich natural nail treatment with a zesty lemon peel scent. It comes in an adorable, small, vintage looking, yellow tin. It contains sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and cocoa butter in a beeswax base.

My cuticles are ragged, haggard messes that are often dry and painful. I wash my hands a lot and wear nasty latex gloves at my job.  After using this product for a few days, my cuticles are much better. They are softer but… Continue reading | 1 Comment