Alchemologie Juke Natural Perfume Review

Alchemologie Juke

Alchemologie Juke is a natural perfume inspired by Mississippi Delta jooks/juke joints. With copy including “bayou” and “magnolia flowers” with a note list prominently featuring white florals, I couldn’t wait to open my sample of Juke.

Juke opens as a heady, humid white floral. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish it could last forever, but it can’t. It’s almost like linden and frangipani. It becomes more indolic. Juke starts to remind me of unlit sticks of Nag Champa incense. There’s a honeyed tobacco in the heart that keeps Juke… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EauMG’s April 2015 Favorites

Jersey City
Manhattan via the Jersey City perspective.


All I can really say is that April flew on by. Like what the hell? It’s the middle of May and I still can’t process that April is over. I really hope that summer doesn’t go at this accelerated pace.

April was a crazy month. We started to settle into East Coast life. And the place did start to look like a house over the past month. It’s still not 100% there but we do have a… Continue reading | 10 Comments


EauMG’s Favorites – July 2014

I can’t believe it’s already August. I don’t know what happened in July, but it’s over. I spent it sweating and learning new stuff.

Frink the frug

Overall, the month was uneventful. Frink the Frug had a mast tumor removed from his face (around the eye, you can see him squinting in the pic) a few weeks ago. But, he’s doing fine now and has resumed to his regularly scheduled frugly activities such as barking at UPS trucks and shedding on every square inch of the house… Continue reading | 6 Comments


House of Matriarch Forbidden EDP Natural Perfume Review

House of Matriarch perfume

House of Matriarch Forbidden is a perfume potion created from “historically powerful, feared and even outlawed aromatics“. If you read the note list, you can see that theme.

Forbidden opens as a ripe “juicy” floral. It’s fruity yet green, reminding me of tomato leaves and wild berries. The heart of Forbidden is a woodsy tuberose and nag champa. It dries down to woods – slightly smoky woods.

Fobridden reminds me of what one of my friend’s house smelled like back in the day –… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Illuminum Black Musk Haute Perfume EDP Review

Illuminum Black Musk Haute perfume

Black Musk is headshop-ish. This is my disclaimer. It’s also why I probably I like it. I have this soft spot for nag champa oils and unlabeled musk oils one would find in any esoteric shop sprinkled across America. These places were my first introduction to personal fragrance, so I have nostalgia for these sort of fragrances.

Black Musk opens as a balsamic cough medicine with what may be called “opium musk” from your favorite mystic shop or a fly Ethiopian corner market. It’s… Continue reading | 9 Comments