Miller Harris La Fumée EDP Perfume Review

Miller Harris La Fumeé perfumeMiller Harris La Fumée (the smoke) is a dry, woodsy incense fragrance. I don’t see La Fumée as smoky but more of a meditative “steamy” fragrance. This scent mellows me out in the way that Penhaligon’s Elixir does. This is a fragrance that I wear for myself.

La Fumée opens with this “evergreen filth” that isn’t as “clean” or “fresh” as most evergreen scents. It’s a mix of living evergreens and cool spices like cardamom (which I adore). There is a cool, citrusy, gummy resins… Continue reading | 3 Comments


DSH Essence Studio Wasabi Shiso EDP Perfume Review

wasabi botanical drawing

DSH Perfumes Essence Studio Wasabi Shiso EDP is an interesting fragrance. And if  you even think that wasabi and shiso is a good idea in perfume, then give Wasabi Shiso a try. It will not let you down. It is a transformer. These are the words to describe Wasabi Shiso: green, fruity, fresh, spicy, citrusy, woodsy, dirty, and earthy. This fragrance takes your nose on a journey.

The opening of Wasabi Shiso is zesty! It’s an interesting blend of fresh, tart yuzu and green, spicy… Continue reading


DSH Perfumes American Beauty EDP Perfume Review

Last week, Ashleigh at Perfume-Smellin’ Things talked about perfumes that have shaped our past. Many of us smell a scent like Cristalle and are transported back in time or reminded of a loved one. Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH American Beauty is a scent that I was taken “back” by. I sniffed it and liked it but then it took me back to one of those “I got in trouble when…” childhood memories. Not a very entertaining one, unless you are my cousin who got in trouble during… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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NEW: 3 Luckyscent Untitled Perfume Oils

Luckyscent Untitled Perfumes 2011

Thanks to last Friday’s #fumechat, I am now interested in three new limited edition perfumes at Luckyscent. Untitled is a collaboration between niche perfumers and the shop, Luckyscent. These bottles are limited edition and quanity. There are only 100 bottles of each formula.

#08 Untitled by Bren Leonesio – Brent is the perfumer behind the brand, Smell Bent. Oh, how I want to try this blend of feral, dirty notes: narcissus, civet, fur, tobacco, feral musk, oud, and… Continue reading | 10 Comments

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The Most Fragrant Soap on the Planet: Mysore Sandal Oil Soap Review

Mysore Sandal Soap

I can’t get my hands on enough of this stuff. This is the best soap in the world. I am a huge fan of Mysore Sandal Soap. It is heavily scented with sandal oil. I have no idea how they can put so much fragrance oil in this soap for this price. It leaves your skin scented all day with the heavenly scent of sandal. It leaves your whole house smelling wonderful. It is like a sandalwood bomb went off. It blends so well with the other fragrances… Continue reading