By Kilian Sweet Redemption EDP Perfume Review

By Kilian Sweet Redemption

By Kilian Sweet Redemption or “The End” is the final perfume in the L’Œuvre Noire Collection. Looking back at this collection, especially after seeing where the line has went, it was a really solid collection. When Sweet Redemption was first launched, I wasn’t immediately drawn in. My notes actually said “pedestrian”. Trying Sweet Redemption years later, my opinions have changed. It may be due to the amount of drivel the line has launched post 2011 and how my expectations have been lowered. But, really I think… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Meadow & Fir Botanical Solid Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Fir


Phoenix Botanicals Meadow & Fir perfume is inspired by warm summer afternoons. To me Meadow & Fir is like a Christmas tree on vacation in Florida.

Meadow & Fir is a balsamic evergreen. It’s a fir forest with a warm breeze. Meadow & Fir could easily be a sibling of Aftelier Fig (it’s better behaved sibling). The fragrance is warm and resinous, like a fir amber. Meadow & Fir is a rather linear fragrance but it does become more resinous with myrrh at the… Continue reading | 4 Comments


DSH Perfumes Adoration Natural Perfume Review

Adoration is in The Italian Splendor Collection, a collection of perfumes created by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for the Denver Art Museum’s Cities of Splendor Exhibit. Adoration represents Milani is inspired by Bonifacio Bembo’s “Adoration of the Magi”. This fragrance is based on traditional Catholic incense and the gifts of the Magi. DSH included rose in this fragrance to represent Mary. Before I read about the inspiration and I had sampled Adoration, I thought, “This smells like the gifts of the Biblical Magi”. I find this “ancient” fragrance meditative. And it’s a good one for Christmas.


Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice Natural Perfume Review

Buster Keaton with dog

It’s fall, my favorite season, and I’m craving chai, pumpkin pie, cashmere sweaters in heathered shades and of course, autumn fragrances. Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice is what you’d expect with a name like Autumn Spice! It’s a spicy, warm fragrance. It smells like autumn in a bottle. You wear this and you hear the crisp leaves crunch under your boots, you feel the coolness on your nose and the hot latte in hand.

Autumn Spice is a resinous, natural myrrh that is warm and… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente EDP Perfume Review

We Three Kings Blogging Project: Myrrh

When asked to participate in We Three Kings, I automatically knew that I wanted to write about my myrrh of choice, Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente (Passionate Myrrh) from the Les Or*entalistes Collection. I like Myrrhe Ardente because it is a comforting scent, verging on gourmand because of the sweet notes of tonka and steamy beeswax. Myrrhe Ardente is passionate. It’s voluptuous. The Goutal Sisters were inspired by 19th century Or*entalist paintings of romanticized “exotic”, voluptuous bathing beauties (I’m thinking something… Continue reading | 20 Comments