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Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP Perfume Video Review

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Tom Ford’s “first” fragrance, a floral amber launched in 2006 was something that took some time to grow on me. It’s a weird one but of course, I didn’t think it was weird enough initially. Now I see it. Tom Ford Black Orchid is glamorous, a statement fragrance – the presentation, the packaging, the “loud” notes. Because it is described as a statement fragrance, it is a fragrance that I go in and out of wearing. Sometimes I feel like this fragrance is too bold; I’m feeling shy. Other times Black Orchid… Continue reading | 16 Comments

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NEW: Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH Cuir et Champignon EDP

Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH has recently launched Cuir et Champignon EDP (leather and mushroom), a limited edition perfume. From the notes listed, this sounds like my dream perfume. You guys know I love mushrooms and I’ve been searching for the perfect mushroom perfume. For many years, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has been working on the concept of a mushroom perfume. I really don’t know why mushroom notes aren’t used more frequently in perfume, but anyways… I’m delighted that DSH’s concept is now… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Bewitched Bothered & Bewilderness EDT Review

Smell Bent Bewitched Bothered and Bewilderness ReviewSmell Bent Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewilderness perfume is a limited edition fragrance in the Attack of the Killer Smellies Halloween 2010 fragrance collection. Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewilderness is described as “sweet, spicy brew of bubbling cauldron set against the lush scent of the forest at night“. This is a spicy, earthy fragrance.

Smell Bent Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewilderness is an unusual scent in my opinion. It really isn’t something that I want to smell like. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t likable. In fact, you’d think I’d… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Lumberjack Werewolf EDT Fragrance Review

Lumberjack Werewolf is a limited edition fragrance featured in Smell Bent’s Attack of the Killer Smellies Collection for Halloween 2010. This collection features 4 spooky inspired scents that will only be available until November 1st.

Lumberjack Werewolf is well, awesome. It’s a bit strange but in a wearable strange way. My disclaimer is that I like skanky, animalic musk scents. For some reason I like to smell like a sweaty 70’s gigolo with at least 20 spritzes of perfume. At first spritz, I can’t really smell anything… Continue reading | 10 Comments

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My Thanksgiving Thoughts.

Thankful to be out of the South
Thankful to be out of the South

I try to keep this blog from being too personal. I don’t expect people to enjoy reading about my fortunes or misfortunes. That’s what reality TV is for. Anyways, on this Thanksgiving I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. This has been a huge year for me. I’ve made my first huge move. Drove across this barren country, starting in hot and bothered Nashville and making it to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve had to… Continue reading