MIKMOI Aldwych EDP Perfume Review

Mikmoi Aldwych

My favorite smell in the world is that of the ocean. And I’m not talking perfumery’s usual take on the ocean which is just squeaky clean soap. I like the smell of the ocean. Salt air, brine, seaweed and oysters. This doesn’t mean that I want to walk around smelling like a fish market, but I do love a briney perfume, something not afraid to bring in some of the dirtiness from the ocean into its composition. The ocean represents both birth and decomposition. MIKMOI Aldwych is one… Continue reading | 9 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – March 2013

March 1stDowntown – Orange blossom! The elevator smells of Arquiste Infanta y Flor. Someone in this building has wonderful tastes and probably shops at Barneys. Someone other than me…

March 2ndDowntown – Shopping and perfume sniff-a-thon. There are so many pitiful things that make the final cut. Stop with the pointless releases of things that smell like some pointless thing released 5 years ago.

March 3rdRedmond – First time I’ve ever been here and I’m not missing a thing. The smell of cheap vanilla candle wax

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 5.16.11

Morrissey with cat

The Lipstick League – week of 5.16.11

Morrissey’s birthday!!!

Question of the Week: Which products would you confiscate from your 16 year old self’s makeup bag?!

EauMG’s Answer: Nothing. In fact, I wish I could get that makeup bag back! I feel like I had really great taste in makeup, even at 16. I’ve always been a “vintage” fashion gal so it was always about perfectly groomed brows, great skin, and a polished lip. I learned something from embarrassing, disco-era teenage photos