Moresque Moreta EDP Perfume Review

Moresque Moreta

Moresque is one of those luxury Italian brands that is inspired by the Middle East. I used to be really cynical and thought of all of this as to how to break into an Arab market. But, the more I’ve tried the brand, the more I see it as Italians celebrating their Moorish influence/roots and the Renaissance. This probably does result in international sales, but hey, I don’t fault them. Perfumery is a business.

My favorite from the line is Emiro, a luxurious rose leather… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Moresque Emiro EDP Perfume Review

Moresque Emiro

Moresque is one of those Europen perfume lines that finds inspiration in the Middle East or at least how they perceive Middle Eastern culture (or when I’m feeling cynical, I think of how they think they can sell Arab culture). I’ve tried a few from the line; they’re all good (you can decide if they’re worth the price). After trying them, Emiro is my favorite from the line.

Emiro opens as fruity, almost like peaches, with a “hairspray” like citrus (like what I tend to pick up in a lot of the… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Moresque Bianco Diadema EDP Perfume Review

Moresque Diadema

Moresque is a new Italian niche brand inspired by Moorish civilization and architecture. For some reason I was in a gourmand mood and couldn’t wait to try Diadema, a perfume inspired by Kurat al milh, Arabic for “sweet ball of salt” AKA caramel.

Diadema opens with cherries and those gummy orange slices. And then it starts to remind me of the citrus in Guerlain Shalimar. It’s like bergamot and motor oil with burnt sugar. The heart is like creamy florals with caramel. The rose is jammy and… Continue reading | 13 Comments