Esscentual Alchemy Sax & Violets Perfume Oil Review

Tarragon is such an unique and complex note. I often complain that it isn’t used enough in perfumery. Well, Esscentual Alchemy has used it and and used it well. Esscentual Alchemy by Absinthe Dragonfly Sax & Violets is an interesting composition of patchouli and yes, tarragon. The final result is a sweet, woodsy, and balmy fragrance that I can’t stop sniffing.

What I expected: With a name like Sax & Violets, I imagined a… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Etro Messe de Minuit EDT Fragrance Review

Etro Messe de Minuit EDT review

OK, I’m a closet goth. I like deep aubergine lipstick, thick black eyeliner, and darkwave. I don’t appear very “goth” since most people associate this with what they remember from high school: Hot Topic, crushed velvet, and Wet n Wild black lipstick. Anyways, what I’m saying is that I tend to like “gothic” (moody) fragrances too: dark, mossy, mildewy, smoky incense. This is why I had to try Etro Messe de Minuit (midnight mass). Etro Messe de Minuit is a gothic… Continue reading | 11 Comments


DSH Perfumes Cafe Noir EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Cafe Noir

DSH Perfumes Cafe Noir is a moody, rich fragrance. I love it. I call it “beatnik in a bottle”. It’s smart and sophisticated and a bit counter-culture (if a perfume can be described as such). It reminds me of a classic French perfume created for the kind of gal that spends late nights/early mornings reading Lawrence Ferlinghetti by the fireplace, sipping on midnight black coffee.

DSH describes this spicy  luxury perfume as “a Paris night…Dark and sophisticated, it evokes late concerts in smoke filled