Montale Dark Purple EDP Perfume Review

Montale Dark Purple

Sometimes I get a craving for plums…

Montale Dark Purple opens with rose and red berries. And it’s distinctly Montale. I would swear it has oud in it but I realize that Montale uses rose in everything that now my brain thinks of rose-woods as oud because of this brand. So, yeah, Dark Purple opens as a fruity Montale-ish rose-rose geranium-oud. It’s very loud, metallic and chemical-y. I don’t mean this is as a necessarily bad thing. This has become Montale’s signature. With time the scent gets sweeter reminding me… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Montale Aoud Purple Rose EDP Perfume Review

Montale Aoud Purple Rose

Rose Week 2013

Well, here’s a Montale with “aoud” and “rose” in its name. Let’s see what it smells like!

Montale Aoud Purple Rose opens as “Montale”. It’s rose and tons of aoud. It’s the type of oud that some may call “bug spray”. I call it medicinal and antiseptic. The rose is sharp. Rose & oud. Rose & oud. Linear fragrance that gets quieter with time – a more jammy, fruity rose with woods. How does this one vary from… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Montale Jasmin Full EDP Perfume Review

Montale Jasmin Full EDP perfume

Believe it or not, there are Montale perfumes out there that are not oud and rose combos! Some smell like chocolate. Some smell like amber. And Jasmin Full smells like an explosion of feminine white florals.

Jasmin Full opens in complete Montale fashion with pyrotechnics and dancers. It’s loud. This jasmine is cranked up and waving glowsticks. Jasmin Full is interesting because it’s indolic but not too much so. And it somehow manages to be both green/fresh and sweet… Continue reading | 8 Comments

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Montale Red Aoud EDP Perfume Review


If you are looking for a starter Montale, try Red Aoud. This is obviously a Montale but tamer in comparison to the others. I don’t consider it a “starter oud” but I do consider it a “starter Montale”. It’s very much a Montale but quieter.

Montale Red Aoud EDP

At first with Red Aoud, I get suede and saffron sugar cookies with a hint of sweet lemon. And yes, there is a Montale Aoud but it’s turned down to tolerable. The saffron is a lovely accent in this… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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Montale Black Aoud EDP Perfume Video Review

Montale Black Aoud is another rose oud fragrance going for that exotic harem image. Excuse me, but isn’t that the entire point of Montale?  I do like it even though it’s less heavy on the woods. Black Aoud should of been named Black Rose. Regardless, it’s “noir” and I like it.

Montale Black Aoud

Black Aoud wears very rose on me. It reminds me of many of the unlabeled rose oils that I have from Persian markets except with a little bit of leather. Black Aoud becomes a classic lemon-rose… Continue reading | 10 Comments