Mona di Orio Myrrh Casati EDP Perfume Review

Mona di Orio Myrrh Casati

I sat on a striped sofa fidgeting with tassels that embellish rose printed silk pillows like I’ve done before. This time not because I was deflecting topics, but because of awkward silences. My eyes made contact with the big eyes in the painting of my aunt as a toddler. I glanced down at the dogwood painted glass hurricane lamp that my grandmother absolutely despised, a gift from her mother-in-law. But, she kept it because it survived the dangers of four rowdy children (all born within a four… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Oud EDP Perfume Review

Mona di Orio Oud

For years I have avoided sampling Mona di Orio Oud in fear that I’d fall in love with something that I would never buy. I have never bought a perfume $200+. Actually, I don’t think I’ve purchased anything $150+. When I witnessed something getting praised that retails for $500+, I knew to stay away. After two years of peer pressure, “Oh, Victoria, this perfume is so ‘you’, you’ve got to try it!“, I gave up. I’ve done more than try it, I fell in love with Mona… Continue reading | 16 Comments


R.I.P. Mona di Orio


Mona di Orio


On Friday, perfumer, Mona di Orio unexpectantly passed away. Like most of the fragrance community, her friends and family, I was shocked and without words unable to fully process this tragic news. I somberly put on the bright perfume, Lux, and had a “blog day of silence”. The world lost a talented artist and a passionate perfumer. Mona drew in old and new fans with Les Nombres d’Or Collection launched this year. I’ve loved her Signature Collection since the moment… Continue reading


Mona di Orio Lux EDP Perfume Video Review

Want to smell like a fallen angel? Well, here you go.

Mona di Orio Lux perfume

Mona di Orio Lux is the skankiest citrus that I know of. It opens as a dazzling lemon with lemongrass and grassy vetiver. It’s bright and shining. This top lasts longer than I would expect from a citrus perfume. It then becomes this delicious lemon bar. Tart and sweet with vanilla and a toasted sugar, very comforting and very much like Guerlain Shalimar. Lux takes a “fall” and you get this civet… Continue reading | 22 Comments