Humiecki & Graef Eau Radieuse EDT Perfume Review

Humiecki & Graef Eau Radieuse

You guys know that I like the Humiecki & Graef line just because I like their insane-o inspirations. I think perfume needs that. I want more Dadaist perfumes. Anyway, Eau Radieuse doesn’t really have a bizarre-o inspiration. It’s an attempt to make a “futuristic eau de cologne”. I was hoping it would be a sci-fi eau do cologne but they didn’t consult me beforehand.

Eau Radieuse opens as lemon and mint in chilled mineral water. This fragrance is chilled and mentholated. There’s… Continue reading


Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius EDP Perfume Review

Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius

Jul et Mad is a perfume brand founded by a young married couple. The “themes” of the perfume deal with romance and love. Aqua Sextius is the newest perfume from the line and it’s inspired by Aix-en-Provence as an autobiographical fragrance. This is where the couple were wed and where they reside. This place is known as “The City of 100 Fountains”. You can pick this up in Aqua Sextius. This perfume is a mineral, green aquatic floral.

Aqua Sextius is a bitter, tart… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Detaille Fleur Eau de Cologne Review

Detaille Fleur

Spolier alert – Detaille Fleur is not a floral. It’s a citrus eau de cologne.

Fleur opens with a tart citrus with a subtle hint of black licorice. And then it’s a realistic lemon accented by cooling green herbs like geranium and mint. It dries down to a “fresh” citrus-patchouli.

Fleur is not a groundbreaking fragrance but this doesn’t irritate me. Detaille is a heritage brand of fragrances and something like Fleur works with this particular brand. It smells “authentic”. It’s a classic eau de cologne… Continue reading | 6 Comments


EauMG’s Mint Perfume Guide

mint perfume guide

The weather here has been mild so far and I’m not complaining. We don’t have a/c and I don’t want to sweat it out. I’ve put together a mint perfume guide before the hot weather hits. I need to be prepared.

Mint has a high content of menthol. And menthol is sort of magical. It activates cold-sensitive receptors in the skin and that’s what gives it that cooling sensation.

Now this cooling effect is awesome in the summer but mint… Continue reading | 21 Comments


Detaille Aeroplane EDT Fragrance Review

Detaille Aeroplane fragrance

Detaille is a brand of French perfumes and cosmetics created in 1905 by a rather outgoing countess. The brand still has a turn of the century feel with its inspiration and packaging. Aéroplane is a perfume that is a souvenir of the excitement of mankind conquering flight.

Aeroplane opens as an old-school basil citrus “eau de cologne”. It’s a sunny lemon juice and neroli. It gets mossier as it dries down. It becomes this “summer” chypre of patchouli, moss and fresh herbs.

The… Continue reading | 1 Comment