Miller Harris L’Air de Rien EDP Perfume Review

Miller Harris L'Air de Rien

Miller Harris L’Air de Rien is a bespoke perfume by fashion icon Jane Birkin. And Jane wanted this to smell like dusty libraries. Instead of libraries, I think of Jane’s influential Hermès Birkin bag. This scent is soft, supple with the feel of luxury leather.

L’Air de Rien may remind me of luxury bags, but this scent is more than a “soft leather”. It’s surprisingly animalic but in a really sexy way, like in a way that genuinely pertains to sex. It has a certain… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Miller Harris Figue Amère EDP Perfume Review

Miller Harris Figue Amere

Miller Harris Figue Amère is a fig by the French seaside in a little cottage garden. It’s a salty and bitter green fig with wild flowers.

Figue Amere is a very “French” fig to me. It smells like an elegant French perfumery’s take on a green fig. It opens with a bright citrus with a slightly bitter galbanum. Underneath this “layer” there is an astringent cedar over “coconut greens”. On my skin, the narcissus is noticeable. It’s heady and very green. And then this transforms into a cottage garden… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Miller Harris La Fumée EDP Perfume Review

Miller Harris La Fumeé perfumeMiller Harris La Fumée (the smoke) is a dry, woodsy incense fragrance. I don’t see La Fumée as smoky but more of a meditative “steamy” fragrance. This scent mellows me out in the way that Penhaligon’s Elixir does. This is a fragrance that I wear for myself.

La Fumée opens with this “evergreen filth” that isn’t as “clean” or “fresh” as most evergreen scents. It’s a mix of living evergreens and cool spices like cardamom (which I adore). There is a cool, citrusy, gummy resins… Continue reading | 3 Comments