MIKMOI Ao EDP Perfume Review


MIKMOI Ao is an aquatic floral perfume inspired by the bays and beaches of the Andaman Sea. Ao is one of those new aquatic pedigrees that won’t remind you of anything sold at malls in the 90’s. I love seeing indies newly interpret aquatic and ozonic fragrance genres. Ao is a sheer, veil-like aquatic with tropical fruits and florals that is a lovely olfactory tribute to Thai beaches.

Ao is ripe tropical fruits and tuberose. Salt air and smoky driftwood. When wearing Ao, it’s like being in a different… Continue reading | 10 Comments


MIKMOI Aqua Fortis EDP Perfume Review

MIKMOI Aqua Fortis Review

I’m really focusing on these post-aquatic aquatics this week, aren’t I?

Aqua Fortis is a new perfume from San Francisco-based indie line MIKMOI. It’s inspired by medieval Alchemist waters and Feng Shui – “An East ~ West ode to creativity, science and the mysticism of the elements“. Aqua Fortis is a weird one in that I can’t classify it into just one fragrance genre. It’s woodsy, fruity, citrus, aquatic…it’s so many things.

Aqua Fortis opens up like dark berries, juicy plums dried mandarin peel with turpenous pine… Continue reading


Happy 4th of July & A List of My Favorite American Indies

Ellen Drew

Happy 4th of July! I hope my American readers are enjoying today and the weekend.

In celebration of Independence Day, I’ve put together a quick list of my current favorite American indie perfumes.

Keep in mind this list is in no particular order:

1. Providence Perfume Co. (Rhode Island)

2. Sonoma Scent Studio (California)

3. Charenton Macerations (New York)

4. Phoenicia (New York but always Seattle to me…)

5… Continue reading | 8 Comments


MIKMOI Itoh EDP Perfume Review


MIKMOI Itoh reminds me of seaside bonfires.

Itoh opens with astringent cedar and an aquatic breeze of florals. It’s peony and a sharp rosewood. Itoh becomes a slightly “charred”, smoky woodsy scent with salt air. And this is why it reminds me of a seaside bonfire. I know that this may read as intense but Itoh is sheer, airy, delicate.

I have issues with peony perfumes, but I love Itoh. I guess I like my pretty florals with some charred cedar and tobacco. Go… Continue reading | 2 Comments


MIKMOI Aldwych EDP Perfume Review

Mikmoi Aldwych

My favorite smell in the world is that of the ocean. And I’m not talking perfumery’s usual take on the ocean which is just squeaky clean soap. I like the smell of the ocean. Salt air, brine, seaweed and oysters. This doesn’t mean that I want to walk around smelling like a fish market, but I do love a briney perfume, something not afraid to bring in some of the dirtiness from the ocean into its composition. The ocean represents both birth and decomposition. MIKMOI Aldwych is one… Continue reading | 9 Comments