EauMG’s May 2014 Empties

May 2014 Empties

Many beauty bloggers do this thing called “empties”, where they focus on the products that they used during the month. I admit my reasons for doing this are rather selfish. This is a good way for me to keep track of what I’m actually using and what I actually like.

*I tried to be cool like the beauty bloggers by showing you a pic of all of the used up items. I could not do this. I had about two bottles and then I felt like… Continue reading | 28 Comments


Wine-O: Merlot Grape Seed Day Moisturizer Review


Merlot moisturizer


Sometimes I will stumble across something that I would of never, ever purchased in a million years. However, I will try it (usually by accident or random sample) and find that I really, really like it. This is one of those products.

I was in the local drugstore, picking up the usual necessities and drugstore faves. The nice teenie bopper behind the counter gave me a handful of samples. (I wasn’t aware that Walgreen’s even did this).  Weeks… Continue reading