Odin 02 Owari EDT Fragrance Review

Odin Owari

Odin Owari 02 is a rather intelligible citrus fragrance inspired by Japanese mandarins. I always joke that straight guys* can’t resist this line. This in part has to do with the fact that my husband shops Odin and wears their clothes. They stores aesthetic is rather basic casual masculines (plaid button-ups, button fly jeans) that are exceptionally well-made, many made from luxury materials like Japanese indigo or cashmere. David is also drawn to their fragrances. And this makes sense. The fragrances are rather basic, casual… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Givenchy Insense EDT Fragrance Review

Givenchy Insense

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume (Vintage)

I imagine that Givenchy Insensé was a difficult one to “get” during its launch in 1993. I still find this masculine-floral a bit difficult to comprehend (I mean the name roughly means “wild and crazy”), but in a good way.

Insensé opens as very vegetal with lots of basil and aldehydes. It’s green, dewy, alive. So much galbanum! I’m always confused by Insensé because it is clean and soapy but their is a skankiness that isn’t actually dirty but… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Vince Camuto for Men EDT Fragrance Review

Vince Camuto Cologne for Men

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

A few weeks ago I reviewed Vince Camuto for Women, now let’s see if Vince Camuto for Men is also a good “fit” for the Vince Camuto line.

Vince Camuto for Men opens with a rush of citrus, spices and a metallic lavender. After it “settles” within 2 minutes, I get tons of spices – lavender, nutmeg, mace mixed with “fresh” notes that give a lift to the fragrance. The heart is a… Continue reading | 1 Comment


The 2012 List – Best & Worst Perfumes

2012 has been an insanely busy year for me. I’ve made some rather “big”, perhaps even drastic changes in my life and I’ve had a huge shift of priorities. This year has been a contemplative one for me. I’ve always said that half the problem with life is figuring out what you want. 2012 has been the year where I’ve realized what I want. 2013 is the year it happens.

Of course, I haven’t sniffed all of the new launches of 2012. Nobody can since there is like a million launches daily. Out of the perfumes I’ve tried this year between… Continue reading | 24 Comments


Check Out Notable Scents – A New Perfume Blog

Notable Scents

Writing about fragrances that move me, I seek to demystify the world of scents so that everyone can enjoy them.
My dear friend, DJ Ron, has finally started a perfume blog! We’ve spent years emailing each other back and forth giving our perfume impressions, talking about our current lemmings and the occasional celeb snark here and there. I could go on and on talking about what an admirable friend Ron has been, but let’s talk perfume. That’s why you’re reading EauMG, right?

Notable… Continue reading | 2 Comments