Providence Perfume Co. Provanilla EDP Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Provanilla

In a world where there is an abundance of vanilla perfumes, it’s a shame that there’s a shortage of good ones. Providence Perfume Co. is a rarity. It’s one of the good ones. And not just one of the good ones, but one of the exceptional ones. It’s everything that I want in a vanilla and then some.

Provanilla is an aquatic vanilla. It opens with a realistic blend of cantaloupe and honeydew melons with a fresh ocean breeze. Even if you don’t like the thought… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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Bath & Body Works Flashback Fragrances – Thoughts & Mini Reviews

From tattoo choker necklaces to denim overalls to mini backpacks, we can easily see that there is a wave of 90’s nostalgia in effect right now. Even Bath & Body Works is having a moment of 90’s nostalgia and has relaunched six “Flashback Fragrances”.

Bath & Body Works

What’s funny is that I was never into Bath & Body Works fragrances back in the day because they were so “mall” and I was so anti-mall in my youth. I was more about wearing perfume oils or trying to get my… Continue reading | 15 Comments


YOSH U4EAHH! 2.43 EDP Perfume Review

YOSH U4eahh

YOSH U4EAHH! (euphoria) is the self-described “carefree” perfume in the collection. I knew I’d struggle with this one. It’s “carefree” and the notes are fruity. I tend to feel uncomfortable wearing stuff like this.  I’m just not carefree enough. I’m not cute enough.

U4EAHH! is fruity with pears and melons. It starts to smell like cucumbers and watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Some of the “juiciness” remains and blooms into a dewy, cool floral with an ozonic musk. The heart reminds me of freshly sliced sour Granny Smith apples… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Kelly & Jones #5 Notes of Chardonnay EDP Perfume Review

Kelly & Jones Chardonnay

Kelly & Jones is a line of perfume inspired by wine. #5 Notes of Chardonnay is the most gourmand-y out of the line.

#5 Chardonanny opens with notes of melon bubblegum and toasted vanilla sugar. It fruity and creamy. With time the honeydew melon fades. Which is a good thing in my book. Melon isn’t my thing. There is a hint of spice and woods over a base of creamy vanilla custard with caramel.

This is my least favorite from The Wine Notes… Continue reading | 6 Comments


A Dozen Roses Electron EDP Perfume Review

A Dozen Roses Electron EDP

The newest addition to the A Dozen Roses line is Electron. It is described as “A shock to the senses…clean, fresh, fabulous”. Would I ever call it a shocking fragrance? No. It’s an inoffensive and pretty fragrance in a gorgeous bottle.

Electron opens with a bergamot green tea and melon-cucumber. It’s light, airy, watery, fresh. I get floral, no particular floral but I do get “petals”, fresh and green florals. The top fades rather quickly and the fruity rose middle becomes more prominent… Continue reading | 8 Comments