Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua for Men EDT Fragrance Review

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Why the heck and I reviewing something called Eternity Aqua for Men? Probably because I’m in a snarky mood.

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua opens as a metallic cucumber melon. And something in this reminds me of green bell peppers and rubber bands. Some watery flowers and aluminum cans. It dries down to generic “man base” – cedar, musk and aromatic stuff.

Overall, from a distance it’s just “generic dude”. My thought is that this would be a… Continue reading


EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Summer 2014

summer perfumes

It’s a officially summer and I hope you’re ready for my Summer 2014 perfume picks for “every” occasion in various price points.

Summer Beach Perfumes

Tropical Scents

Olivine Atelier Amongst the Waves perfume oil – This is a pretty gardenia meets stargazer lily and they’re wearing tanning oil. Retails for $48 at Beautyhabit.It’s also available in an EDP but I actually prefer the oil for summer.

Yves Rocher Malaysian


EauMG’s Spring 2014 Perfume Picks

My allergies have alerted me that it is indeed springtime. As I sit on the sofa sneezing with a box of tissues at hand, I’ve put together my “picks” for Spring 2014 (since I can’t smell; I can’t test new things). Here’s a list of perfumes that should get you through all of your spring activities.

Spring 2014 perfumes

Spring Festivals

Here are my picks for various spring-related outdoor festivals and gatherings:

Joya No. 6 Perfume Oil – This is an evergreen gin and… Continue reading | 23 Comments


CREED Bois du Portugal EDP Perfume Review

Creed Bois du Portugal

I talked my husband into wearing CREED Bois du Portugal and he hated it. He seriously whined like a little baby for hours over this one. He kept saying that it smelled of “stomach churning embalming fluid” and even used my most despised phrase in perfume speak: “old lady”. Sniffing it on him, it smelled wonderful. I really do not know what all the fuss was about. He later scrubbed it off the skin because it made him “nauseous”. Sometimes husbands just don’t understand… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Penhaligon’s Sartorial EDT Perfume Review

Penhaligon's Sartorial

When guys of a certain age find out that I like perfume, they usually start asking me for recommendations. The conversation usually goes like “I’ve worn Ralph Lauren Polo Blue since I was a freshman in high school and I need an upgrade“. And I agree. They have real careers now and have already had a 10-15 year high school reunion. They need an upgrade from the fragrance with the matching “swag” gym bag their mom bought them in junior high. I try to keep my recommendations simple… Continue reading | 9 Comments