Giorgio Armani Code Pour Homme EDT Fragrance Review

Armani Code Pour Homme


Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

It’s my birthday today, so I’m already feeling old. But, this fragrance is really making me feel old. I can’t believe that Armani Code was launched over a decade ago. I feel like this is one of those masculines that just came out, but geez, that was ELEVEN YEARS AGO! Yes, there have been many flankers, but I clearly remember this one launching in stores (so many ads in magazines too). And I clearly remembering smelling… Continue reading | 12 Comments


EauMG’s Spring 2015 Perfume Picks

It’s officially spring. When I left Seattle, spring was in full bloom. The East Coast is a bit behind but it’s starting to look a lot like spring! And in spring’s honor, here’s a list of perfumes that should get you through all of your springtime activities.

perfumes for spring

Spring Festivals

These are my picks for spring activities such as visiting a tulip festival, flying a koinoboir kite or eating an entire package of Peeps 😉

DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies EDP – I love… Continue reading | 14 Comments


Ralph Lauren Polo EDT Fragrance Review

Ralph Lauren Polo

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I have such an affinity for late 70’s/early 80’s masculine fragrances. I love the elaborate, hyper-masculine, yes, stereotypical perfumes of that era. I think it’s due to a few things. One of those being that I wear a lot of perfumes and I don’t let titles like “homme” keep me from wearing scents. But, so many of the marketed-to-men fragrances of that era are just *too* much for me. I don’t feel comfortable wearing them…and for some reason I… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Jacomo It’s Me For Him & For Her EDP Perfume Review

Jacomo has some really good fragrances. The new version of Silences is one of my favorites. But, apparently they needed to launch some more stuff so that young people will keep them in business. So, they launched two His/Her fragrances that I think are in a smartphone packaging? Or at least are suggestive of some sort of modern-day device. Reading the copy, these both sounded “young” so I knew they weren’t for my demographic. But, I tried them anyway because they retail for under $50.


Tom Ford Extreme EDT Fragrance Review

Tom Ford Extreme

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Tom Ford Extreme reminds me of a perfumer’s interpretation of Western U.S. forest fire. But, since it’s a Tom Ford perfume, I’m highly suspicious that it is an interpretation of a super sexy firefighter.

Tom Ford Extreme exists to be a smoky wood and tarry leather fragrance. The opening has a  Dior Poison-ish black plum cough syrup thing going on with dried herbs/Jäggermeister with a hint of sharp, green barbershop violet. Like many of the “regular” Tom Ford fragrances, the… Continue reading | 3 Comments