Bourbon French Parfums La Vie Nouvelle EDT Perfume Review

Mary Brian


If you love perfume and if you are (or are ever) in New Orleans, you really need to check out this little perfume house, Bourbon French Parfums. You will leave with something. Everyone does. You’ll probably leave with a lot of things, but the prices are really affordable. You can leave with like five bottles for the price of one bottle of European niche perfume.

I’ve tried a few from the brand and I’m attracted to their florals. There’s a nice vintage-y quality… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Heeley Agarwoud Parfum Extrait Perfume Review

Heeley Agarwoud Extrait perfume

OK, I can hear you grumbling. Another oud by a niche brand? Yep. I grumbled too. I’m sick of oud, rose-oud, oud for dudes, oud is good because it’s so expensive, etc. Heeley Agarwoud is different than other rose-ouds that I’ve tried. Somehow this oud wears as a pretty, pretty princess oud on me. It’s not dirty or aggressive. It’s actually really pretty.

Heeley Agarwoud opens with a fruity blueberry rose with woods. To my surprise the opening is bubbly and effervescent with fruits… Continue reading | 11 Comments