Envoyage Vents Ardents EDP Perfume Review

Envoyage Vents Ardents

Envoyage created two “beach scents” and I get the impression that they were designed for beach weddings or for those that wish they could have had a beach wedding! I have reveiwed Nectars des Îles which seemed to bring back special memories for a stranger. Vents Ardents continues the tropical theme but with less florals.

Vents Ardents opens as a spicy, boozy cocktail. It’s creamy and milky. I would call Vents Ardents a “tropical masculine”. The rum is spiced. The spices-vanilla-tonka-tobacco combo in this reminds me of… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Providence Perfume Co. Moonflower Solid Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Moonflower

Providence Perfume Co. is a line of natural products that you will find me raving about on my blog frequently. Many of the EDPs are some of my favorites (Cocoa Tuberose, Ginger Lily) and the body oils are divine. I really enjoy the line’s solid perfume balms because they are so retro! They really are like the solid perfumes of the 1960’s but they’re 100% natural.

Moonflower is subtle white floral with a glimmer of tart citrus. Like the other solid perfume balms from… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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More Martin Denny Babes: The Enchanted Sea

Oh, it is more of one of my favorite gals, Sandy Warner. I love the ultra matte makeup on this 1960 album cover. The lip is lush without being that matte, classic red. To get this look, I am recommending Revlon colors because I am in love with the new matte collection.

First, apply foundation and concealer where needed. Try something like Colorstay Active Light Makeup with the Colorstay Concealer. Apply powder if needed. Apply Mineral Bronzer in your shade. You do want a tiny bit of glimmer for a… Continue reading

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More of the Martin Denny Babe: Get the Look of Afro-Desia

Here’s another cover of the blonde Sandy Warner, looking as beautiful as always. This 1959 release was “exotic” with the sounds and instruments of Cuba and Africa all played by the comforting face of Martin Denny. In a time where the sounds of Asia or the Pacific Ocean or Africa were all labeled “exotic” and could only be played by one man willing to go there. Anyways, I love the records, don’t get me wrong. But, that is so funny to me. I mean World Market still does the same hokey thing… Continue reading


Martin Denny Babe: Still Looking Good; Exotica Volume III

Sandy Warner is one hot chick. She can go from deep brunette to a bleached blonde. Yeah, I think she looks better with dark hair but I’m partial. I just like dark hair. But, to still look good after switching to the other end of the hair color spectrum is pretty amazing. I can sport dark hair and red hair but blonde is a big no no. It is instant white trash for me. Anyways, Exotica III is a pretty… Continue reading