Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name

Not everyone agrees with me on this, but  the word “bitch” shouldn’t be an insult. Like many women, I’ve chosen to reclaim this word. Kiss My Name is a bitch tuberose. It’s powerful. It’s not an object. It’s not here to be pretty and sexy even if we think she is. This in-control tuberose looks at other tuberoses and says, “Kiss my name”.

Ramon Monegal Kiss My Name opens with a peachy tuberose that is metallic and cool. This is a cold, aloof green… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Nez a Nez Atelier d’Artiste EDP Perfume Review

Nez a Nez Atelier d'Artiste

In college all of the cool kids that you’d never know their names would hang out at some silly cocktail party sharing sorry Kerouac-ized versions of their young, misunderstood lives. These cool kids had oodles in common for kids that were so “different”.  But one of the common factors I noticed is that they liked to talked about how they modeled for “artists” (which was really them modeling at some community college’s non-credit drawing classes). I don’t know why they would always bring this up… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Ramon Monegal Cuirelle EDP Perfume Review

Ramon Monegal Cuirelle

I can’t help it and it has nothing to do with this perfume, but every time I see or wear Ramon Monegal Cuirelle, I think “Cuirelle de Vil”. Don’t worry there is nothing scary or evil about this fragrance but it does have that certain glamour that Cruella has.

Cuirelle opens with spices and warmth. It’s as soft as cashmere with a cosmetic waxiness that reminds me of rose scented lipstick. Cuirelle morphs into incense and French dusting powder (hint of violet). The texture of this… Continue reading | 10 Comments