Ayala Moriel Sunset Beach Natural EDP Perfume Review

Ayala Moriel Sunset Beach

Ayala Moriel Parfums newest perfume, Sunset Beach, is one of those perfumes inspired by beaches that manages to not smell like tanning lotion or the sort of functional fragrances we’d associate with a day at the beach. For the most part, this is a rarity in the perfume world. So many “beach fragrances” rely on the sort of scents used in products, not the beach. Sunset Beach is a creamy, warm scent with woods that is like a never-ending summer.

Sunset Beach opens with bitter woods… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Masque Milano Russian Tea EDP Perfume Review

Masque Milano Russian Tea


EauMG celebrated its seventh anniversary last month. I was too busy to make a big fuss over it but yeah, I’ve been writing about perfume for over seven years. And during these seven+ years, I’ve also been looking for the perfect “tea” fragrance. When I received samples from the niche brand, Masque Milano, I immediately went for Russian Tea, a smoky tea fragrance.

Russian Tea opens as sharp mint, raspberry leaf tea and fresh geranium. This opening is bracing, so sharp like being hit… Continue reading | 6 Comments


O’Driu Eva Kant EDP Perfume Review

O'Driu Eva Kant

O’Driu created a perfume inspired by the badass Italian comic book character Eva Kant of Diabolik. I don’t speak Italian so I really don’t know much about the comics but I have watched “Danger: Diabolik” more than a few times. When I heard about this perfume, I tried to keep myself from “creating” it in my head before sniffing. I wanted to give Pregoni’s interpretation of this anti-herione a fair chance, but that can be difficult. My scent imagination can’t be stopped… Continue reading | 2 Comments