Aether Arts Reefer Madness Perfume Oil Review

Aether Arts Reefer Madness

A few years ago, I put together a guide of perfumes with marijuana accords. Since then, there’s been many more launched with the theme of “high perfumery”. In fact, Colorado based, Aether Arts, has an entire collection of fragrances dedicated to weed, The Cannabis Series.

Reefer Madness is the fourth perfume in this series. The name comes from the delightfully terrible exploitation “movie with a moral” turned midnight movie flick, Reefer Madness. To my surprise, this perfume brings to mind the… Continue reading | 4 Comments


DSH Perfume The Cannabis Culture Collection Review

Reefer Madness

DSH Perfumes is a Colorado-based indie perfume line. In honor of Colorado’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana¹, this perfume line has launched four weed-centric perfumes. It’s like perfume, politics and social commentary all in one little collection.

DSH Perfumes The Green House

The Green House has notes of leafy green notes, vetiver, aldehdyes, violet and cannabis accord.

So, The Green House smells like freshly cut grass and well, freshly cut “grass”. It’s marijuana and mounds of… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee EDP Perfume Review

Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee

Neela Vermeire Creations are excellent perfumes. This is all of the intro that you need.

Trayee opens as a juicy blackcurrant floral with the perfect amount of sweetness and warmth from vanilla and resins. Trayee is complex. Underneath this fruity, sweet warmth is a soft yet sharp oud with green marijuana-vetiver. The scent gets both creamier and smokier with time. I get a smoldering cedar incense with a creamy sandalwood, vanilla, saffron and amber. It dries down to this woodsy incense haze.

This is… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Aether Arts A Roll in the Grass Perfume Oil Review

Aether Arts A Roll in the Grass

Aether Arts is a new niche perfume line by Amber Jobin. The “Burner” series is a collection of perfume inspired by Burning Man. Each Burning Man has a theme. If you didn’t know that before, now you know. No. 2 A Roll in the Grass is inspired by the “Rites of Passage” theme.

The perfumer says:
“Rites of Passage was the art theme for this Burning Man festival. I interpreted Rites of Passage to be those awkward yet thrilling—perhaps… Continue reading | 2 Comments


420 Edition – EauMG’s Marijuana Perfume Guide

Marijuana perfumes

Due to a new release and I guess general boredom that journalist feel during late summer, I’ve been hearing lots about a new perfume with a marijuana accord. This has inspired me to create a guide to perfumes inspired by marijuana and those that proudly display Mary J as an accord.

My guide comes right in time with the 22nd annual Hempfest held in Seattle. But, this year will be wackier than ever (or that’s my predication). As it’s now “legal” since Washington state… Continue reading | 19 Comments